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The sand, the Pyramids, the Sphinx, all gray and bathed in a great rosy light; the sky perfectly blue, eagles slowly wheeling and gliding around the tips of the Pyramids. We stop before the Sphinx; it fixes us with a terrifying stare.
—Gustave Flaubert

Archaeology is about travel—journeying to lands distant in time, reaching out to people who lived in ancient sites centuries ago. Join our editors, authors, and archaeologists as they step from today into the past. Here you'll find tours and destinations to captivate any with soul or vision attuned to antiquity, the spirit of adventure, or the unending urge to explore.

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Touring ProvenceTouring Provence
February 2010

Journey through southern France, a region rich in Roman sites
Voyage to CreteVoyage to Crete
July-August 2009

An online exploration of the island's rich and varied archaeological and historical sites
Picturing the Holy LandPicturing the Holy Land
June 2009

Travels in Israel, exploring ancient sites and excavations throughout the country
Perspectives from BeijingPerspectives from Beijing
Summer 2008

ARCHAEOLOGY talks to Beijing residents and experts on cultural heritage in the host city of the Olympic Games.
Crossroads of CultureCrossroads of Culture
February 2001

Welcome to Mali! Follow the course of ancient caravans across the Sahara and visit magical cities.
Beyond the Beaches of Gran CanariaBeyond the Beaches of Gran Canaria
October 1999

Visiting the archaeological sites of Spain's Grand Canary Island
Exploring the Inca HeartlandExploring the Inca Heartland
September 1999

Follow along as we journey from Cusco on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.