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(Cover Photo: Eric Lafforgue)

Petra's Sister City
New excavations amid the rock-cut tombs of the Saudi desert
by Eric A. Powell

Lasers in the Jungle full text Full text!
Airborne sensors reveal a vast Maya landscape
by Arlen F. Chase, Diane Z. Chase, and John F. Weishampel

Battle for the Xinjiang Mummies
How an American researcher put himself at the center of an ethnic conflict in western China
by Heather Pringle

Neanderthal Genome Decoded full text Full text!
Paleogenetics shows our ancient cousins aren't so extinct
By Zach Zorich

Cities Upon Cities
For almost 2,500 years, a succession of cultures rebuilt a ritual center in northeast Mexico
by Tom Gidwitz

Rediscovering Paestum
The forgotten Greek temples of southern Italy
by Samir S. Patel


In This Issue
Summing Up
An editor's farewell
by Peter A. Young

From the President
A World of Surprises
Celebrating the vision of ARCHAEOLOGY's editor in chief
by C. Brian Rose

Spotting looters in the field, the Kensington debate rages, respect for bog bodies, and bull scrota

From the Trenches
Cracking the Pictish code, Maya doomsday app, medieval brain matter, a new hominid emerges, Tut's mummy ceremony, Rome's lead burrito burial, beauty of the oasis, Ulysses for kids, poison mummies of the Andes, Maya sculpture garden, economic evolution, the Donner Party's unfortunate dog, and the origins of moo-shu pork

Conversation full text Full text!
A Louisville police detective takes early retirement to pursue his life-long passion for archaeology

Surprising new projects across Europe are rewriting the story of Jewish life in the Middle Ages
by Neil Asher Silberman

Letter from Finland
Climate change survival tips from Neolithic seal hunters
by Kate Ravilious

A painted scallop shell from southern Spain shows that Neanderthals had an artistic side

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