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The Mines that Built Empires
For 5,000 years, Spain's mineral riches created cash economies and global pollution
by Barry Yeoman

More than Man's Best Friend full text Full text!
Dogs have been an integral part of human culture for 15,000 years...sometimes in unexpected ways
by Jarrett A. Lobell and Eric A. Powell

The Tomb of China's Most Notorious Villain, or Just a Tourist Trap?
The alleged discovery of the tomb of a legendary Chinese warlord sparks heated public debate
by Lauren Hilgers

Resurrecting the Maize King full text Full text!
Figurines from a Maya tomb bring a royal funeral to life
By David Freidel, Michelle Rich, and F. Kent Reilly III

Rescuing a Mystery Wreck
Volunteers and archaeologists team up to save a 17th-century ship
by Marion Blackburn


In This Issue
Pollution and the Past
The Archaeology of Environmental Disaster
by the Editors

From the President
What Does the AIA Do?
Find out on our newly re-launched website
by C. Brian Rose

Thanks to Peter Young, coming out of the closet, and rewriting Jewish history again

From the Trenches
Archaeology and the oil spill, Zahi TV, croc mummy CT scan, oldest pyramid tomb, the first shoe, Cleopatra's handwriting, eating oysters at Jamestown, the view from Florida's mounds, Stalin-era mass graves, archaeologists turn modern artists, Lucy's bigger brother, fossil fungus, Maya megasharks, and building with sticky rice

Conversation full text Full text!
An anthropologist digs into Burning Man, an annual counterculture festival in Nevada's desert

Religion, politics, and archaeology clash on—and under—the streets of Jerusalem
by Mati Milstein

Letter from Brazil
In the Amazon, archaeologists unearth evidence of the Arawaks, the people who greeted Columbus on his arrival in the New World
by Michael Tennesen

A figurine from the Canadian Arctic shows evidence of shamanic "surgery"

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