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Bog Bodies Rediscovered full text Full text!
True tales from the peat marshes of northern Europe
by Jarrett A. Lobell and Samir S. Patel

Fall of a Sacred Fortress
The origins of ritual warfare in ancient Peru
by Zach Zorich

India's Village of the Dead full text Full text!
An exclusive look at a little-known Iron Age cemetery
by Samir S. Patel

Child's Play
Excavated toys and games reflect the changing experience of childhood in New Mexico
by Julian Smith

Layers of the Past full text Full text!
Combining data from two centuries' worth of images creates a new view of the ancient Near East
by Eti Bonn-Muller

Letter from Canada
Canoeing through the logging history of Ontario's Algonquin Park
by Jonathon Reynolds


In This Issue
Astonishing Tales
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Renewal in Iraq
Working to ensure the future of heritage
by C. Brian Rose

Forbidden burial, cloning a cousin, Korean love letter, and the Napoleon-FBI connection

From the Trenches
Caveman seafarers, history's mysteries, saving Apollo 11, tower kiva, French cave art, Shakespearean snacks, Jerusalem road, Antarctic booze, radiocarbon revision, and extinct DNA

Commentary full text Full text!
What DNA, CT scans, and archaeology tell us about the real King Tut
by Mark Rose

Conversation full text Full text!
Archaeologist Rufino Mauricio on preserving Micronesia's mysterious stone city, Nan Madol

A puzzling TV documentary links the Knights Templar to Minnesota's notorious Kensington Runestone
by Eric A. Powell

Copper and tin ingots unlock Bronze Age trade

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