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(Cover Photo: Courtesy INA/Don Frey)

Diving into History
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ARCHAEOLOGY navigates the latest underwater discoveries

Update: Building the Great Pyramid
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New evidence of an internal ramp emerges from a secret chamber
by Bob Brier

Digging the Age of Aquarius
Why trash from a hippie commune is worth preserving
by Matthew Brunwasser

The Waters of Petra
The resource that made a desert metropolis possible now threatens to destroy it
by Heather Pringle

Spain's Appalachian Outpost
Failed ambitions for a North American empire
by Marion P. Blackburn

China's DNA Debate
How remains of the first emperor's workers fuel a modern political controversy
by Megan Swank


From the President
Journey to Iraq
Good news from Baghdad and beyond
by C. Brian Rose

In This Issue
Museums beneath the Sea
by Peter A. Young

Learning to hate eBay again, pitfalls of digital preservation, and growing up in the Silver City

From the Trenches
First Cherokee writing, Time Team America, vampire exorcism, Hawaiian holiday, Maya pottery, Nerfertiti's CT scan, Rome's rise and fall in miniature, Athenian navy, gilded Moche lord, ancient Chinese medicine, Columbus's crew, and a big fish trap

Conversation full text Full text!
The Peruvian mountain guide who first spotted the "Ice Maiden" talks about archaeology in the Andes and appeasing the Inca earth goddess

Did an ugly, waxy tuber feed the Maya civilization?

Letter from Belgium
Draining and exploring the underground shelters of the Great War
by Andrew Curry

How did ancient marble reliefs stay on the walls? An answer comes courtesy of a depiction of Dionysus from Herculaneum.

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