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America's First Pastime
Did rolling stones spread Mississippian culture across North America?
by Timothy R. Pauketat

Oceans of Dharma
Can investigating India's medieval dams provide a model for bringing water to a billion people?
by Samir S. Patel

New Home for Treasures of the Acropolis
by Jarrett A. Lobell

The Man Under the Jaguar Mountain
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A new royal Maya tomb emerges from the tunnels beneath Copán's Acropolis
by Zach Zorich

Dark History of the White Death
The million-year battle between man and tuberculosis
by Lois Wingerson


From the President
Everyone's Hero
Ancient models, modern identity
by C. Brian Rose

In This Issue
Celebrating the Gods
by Peter A. Young

Spotting the Ice Maiden, hippies playing Monopoly, manioc mania, and gender-bending in ancient Greece

From the Trenches
Irrigating Arizona, mammoth BBQ, Obama in Egypt, Stone Age superglue, origins of the devil, the first leper, digging the Wailing Wall, a urine-filled witch bottle, nonsense at the world's first temple, poisoned fish, and a marsupial lion

Conversation expanded version Expanded online-online version!
An archaeologist from Blanding, Utah, talks about the federal arrests of 16 pothunters in his hometown

full text Full text!
Are graffiti-covered pottery sherds from a Roman city in Basque country the finds of a lifetime, or a bold, bewildering fraud?

Letter from Thailand
Investigating the little-known "Log Coffin Culture"
by Karen J. Coates

At 37,000 years old, the "Venus" of Hohle Fels is the earliest known depiction of the female form

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