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The Past in High-Def
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The world's ancient heritage is coming to your desktop in 3-D
by Eric A. Powell

Of Obelisks and Empire
Royal monuments and ancient accounts recall the lost glory of an African kingdom
by Mark Rose

Antiquities Under Fire
Is there a future for archaeology in the Gaza Strip?
by Mati Milstein

Rituals of the Nasca Lines
New excavations reveal the purpose and origin of the famed geoglyphs
by Andrew Curry

Entombed in Style
The lavish afterlife of a Chinese noblewoman
by Eti Bonn-Muller

Mystery in Bermuda
How did the bodies of two important historical figures end up beneath the floorboards of a church?
by Elizabeth Gehrman


From the President
The AIA and You
Values of Membership
by C. Brian Rose

In This Issue
Scanning Wizardry
by Peter A. Young

Salvage vs. archaeology, responsible collecting, and our first centerfold

From the Trenches
Clovis cache, dumped plutonium, Paleolithic video game, Chaco chocolate, Iraqi National Museum, forgotten dungeon, Amazonian cities, naked pagans, chemical warfare, a tent over megalithic Malta, horse teeth, hyena feces, and a pierced elk

Conversation full text Full text!
An architecture professor at MIT tells us what ancient structures can teach today's engineers

Insider full text Full text!
The surprising way that eBay—long thought to be a clearinghouse for looted artifacts—might help protect archaeological sites

Letter from Albania
The effort to preserve the "Silver City," a forgotten Ottoman treasure
by Oliver Gilkes

A rare, intricately carved Polynesian tiki

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