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Table of Contents Volume 60 Number 5, September/October 2007



On the Cover: Gladiator relief from a first-century B.C. tomb north of Rome (AP Photo/Plinio Lepri)

A Ride to the Afterlife
Teasing apart the mysteries of Thracian chariot burials
by Matthew Brunwasser

Purple Reign
How ancient Chinese chemists added color to the emperor's army
by Samir S. Patel

The Dawn of Art
A controversial scholar claims modern culture was born in the foothills of the Alps.
by Andrew Curry

A Tangled Journey Home
updated versionUpdated online-only version!
Priceless artifacts return to Italy and Greece, but their histories remain lost.
by Eti Bonn-Muller and Eric A. Powell

Using the tools of an investigative journalist, archaeologist Jerry Spangler is on a crusade to save sites on public land.
by Keith Kloor

First Churches of the Jesus Cult
How Christianity evolved in its first three centuries
by Andrew Lawler


In This Issue
Celebrating the Storytellers
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Common Ground
Can archaeologists and museums work together?
by C. Brian Rose

Naming names in the Maya world, underwater piracy, and archaeologists without compassion?

From the Trenches
COVER STORY: Gladiators live to fight another day, Iron Age Mickey, Hollywood's cavemen (and women), Aztec lightning, a new view of Pompeii, the plot against North Korea, the history of the Americas, Czech frog legs, Brad Pitt + Ötzi = Brötzi, and the source of Nile gold

extended versionExtended online-only version!
Columbia University's Ralph Holloway talks about brain evolution and the human mind.

The masks of gods, a conqueror's elbows, and the future of Maya archaeology

Letter from Peru
Moray's enigmatic circular pits remind us that no one really knows the Inca

A Roman coin turns up in an unexpected place.

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