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Table of Contents Volume 60 Number 6, November/December 2007



On the Cover: Likely plague victim from a medieval Dutch cemetery

Letters to the Crocodile God
Fragments of ancient writing illuminate 3,000 years of life in an Egyptian oasis town.
by Marco Merola

Dynasty of Nomads
Rediscovering China's forgotten Liao Empire
by Jake Hooker

Lucy Up Close
full textFull text!
A paleo-celebrity's contributions to evolutionary science
by Blake Edgar

Steamboats of the Yukon
Racing to record the vessels that opened the Canadian Northwest
by Tom Koppel

Lessons from the Black Death
Medieval DNA, Modern Medicine: Will a cemetery excavation establish a link between the Black Death and resistance to AIDS?
by Heather Pringle

Attention, Shoppers
Plans for a Greek supermarket lead to the discovery of an ancient agora.
by Jarrett A. Lobell


In This Issue
Space Archaeology
by Peter A. Young

From the President
An Amazing Opportunity
Praise for the AIA's Field School Scholarships
by C. Brian Rose

Tabloid tattoo, Jesus's cult, and the long shadow of Nazi science

From the Trenches
Buried Viking treasure, chewing on the past, a big mummy movie, Angkor's urban sprawl, adultery in Nubia, Chinese beer, Mexican chilis, the Jesuit and Peking Man, weasely cave art, "accidental" Korean mummies, and a homemade submarine

Alice Gorman talks about space junk, archaeology in orbit, astronaut poop, and the celestial heritage of the modern world

Should an art conservator risk her reputation to save potentially looted artifacts, or let them fall apart?

Letter from Louisiana
Mound-spotting in the Bayou State

When the falcon became the symbol of Egyptian royalty

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