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Table of Contents Volume 60 Number 4, July/August 2007



On the Cover: Rome's Palatine Hill and Temple of Vesta (Marco Merola)

Origins of Rome
Debate over the legend of Romulus
by Andrew Slayman and Marco Merola

The Rape of Batán Grande
How one family nearly destroyed the remnants of one of Peru's most opulent civilizations, and how archaeologists are saving it
by Heather Pringle

Under Istanbul
One of the largest urban excavations in history exposes a massive Byzantine port
by Mark Rose and Sengül Aydlngün

Commerce of War
Were colonial merchants the Halliburton of the French and Indian War?
by David Starbuck

Ghosts of Kosovo
The ancient past haunts the future of a disputed Serbian province
by Beth Kampschror

Writing on the Wall Full text!
The Graffiti Archaeology Project challenges the definition of archaeology
by Samir S. Patel


From the President
Our Crumbling Past
A new AIA mission to conserve ancient sites
by C. Brian Rose

In This Issue
Window on Constantinople
by Peter A. Young

Ashkelon revisited, bittersweet reunion, missing kilns found, the mellow approach or a hole in the head, pyramids in 3-D

From the Trenches
Playing with Iraq's past, the Met's Greek and Roman temple, child sacrifice, Herod's Tomb, Joan of Arc and the mummy, Smoking Squirrel, Homo Hobbittus, dung mites, Neolithic flutist, the mole-rat diet, scientific war, and an Aboriginal Mount Olympus

How the United Nations' atomic watchdog helps developing nations preserve their heritage

Insider Full text!
The big business of treasure hunting is selling off the world's maritime heritage

Letter from Malawi
Looking for hidden rock-art sites and secret initiation rites in central Africa

A microscopic pollen grain exposes the roots of early Mesoamerican farming

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