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The magnificent gladiator sculptures recently recovered by Italian authorities are now displayed in a museum near their findspot, Fiano Romano, north of Rome. Here we bring you not only the abstract of our September/October 2007 cover story about the sculptures, but also an exclusive photo gallery of the frieze panels, which once graced a first-century B.C. tomb, and an interview with the archaeologist assisting in the investigation of those responsible for looting them. To put the Fiano Romano finds into context, Shelby Brown, currently vice president for education and outreach of the Archaeological Institute of America, provided us with an overview of the basics of the Roman arena, along with a gladiator glossary and a bibliography for those who want to know more about the games. As a bonus, we've brought back our reviews of recent gladiator productions.
The Gladiator Diet

The Gladiator Diet
Abstract, November/December 2008
How to eat, exercise, and die a violent death

Victorious Gladiators

Victorious Gladiators
Abstract, September/October 2007
Sculptures from a first-century B.C. tomb escape the clutches of looters.

Sculpture Gallery
Exclusive photo gallery of the Fiano Romano gladiator sculptures

Pursuit of the Gladiators
Online Interview, August 15, 2007
The ongoing investigation of the looting of the Fiano Romano sculptures.

The Roman Arena
Online Feature, August 15, 2007
How the games worked

Everyone Loves a Bloodbath
Review, March/April 2004
Review of BBC's Colosseum: A Gladiator's Story

Sandals, Sweat, and Swords
Online Review, May 11, 2000
Review of Gladiator

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