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Tufia "Beyond the Beaches of Gran Canaria"
October 29, 1999

It is believed that Tufia was seasonally occupied, though it is a permanent structure. The people could have lived in caves in the interior of the island at other times. Tufia might have been used year-round during some time periods, as excavation has shown consecutive stages of occupation.

Right: Excavation was just beginning when I visited in 1998.

[image]   Bones, shell, and pottery have been found at Tufia, showing that the inhabitants fished and collected shellfish. A hearth contains wood and fishbones. Carbon dating is under way.

Left: Hearth inside a stone house at Tufia

   Tufia can be seen from Cuatro Puertas. It is thought that Cuatro Puertas was associated with Tufia, lay people living in Tufia, and religious leaders on the hill.

Right: View of Tufia from Bermeja Mountain


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