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Cuatro Puertas and Nearby Sites "Beyond the Beaches of Gran Canaria"
October 29, 1999


Cuatro Puertas, a sacred site of the ancient Canarians

On Bermeja Mountain, near Telde (a city with ancient roots), is a group of archaeological sites. Cuatro Puertas (Four Doors) is an artifical cave carved from the volcanic rock with four entries opening into one large chamber. Outside of the cave are rows of parallel post holes. Skins or other coverings could have been hung to protect the exposed cave from sun and wind.
[image]   It is believed that Cuatro Puertas was a religious site where faycanes, counselors or priests with political power (mentioned in historical texts), lived and conducted rituals.

Left: The interior of Cuatro Puertas

   Most of Cuatro Puertas is currently on private property, but the government is negotiating with the owners to buy this and other sites in the area.

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