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Table of Contents Volume 61 Number 3, May/June 2008



(Cover Photo: Erich Lessing/Art Resource)

Naples Underground
Subway excavations are changing the city's history
by Jarrett A. Lobell

60 Years of Discovery
ARCHAEOLOGY celebrates its past
by Malin Banyasz, Jarrett A. Lobell, and Eric A. Powell

Legend of the Crystal Skulls
full textFull text!
The truth behind Indiana Jones's latest quest
by Jane MacLaren Walsh

At the Edge of Empire
Seeking the roots of Romanian identity on an ancient frontier
by Samir S. Patel

Beijing Looks Back
Old and new compete for the city's soul as dust settles from Olympic construction
by Eti Bonn-Muller

Letter from Warsaw
Excavations at the Saxon Palace recapture a history lost to the ravages of World War II
by Jennifer Pinkowski


From the President
Tinseltown Treasure
Hollywood takes a dive on heritage
by C. Brian Rose

In This Issue
Anniversary Salute
by Peter A. Young

Ecocidal tendencies, fun-loving shovel bums, and the secrets of ancient scratches

From the Trenches
New altar on Zeus's sacred mountain, Peruvian featherwork, blue Maya sacrifices, Indiana Jones's family tree, nun mummy, 10,000 B.C. panned, Columbus and syphilis, creationism, peacekeeping vandals, neo-Hittite fortress, and the first oil painting

Rodolfo Reyes on re-creating the dances of the ancient Maya

Inept bureaucrats and creeping fungi are destroying the famous cave paintings at Lascaux

A bat on a bowl shows the Mimbres people were keen observers of their environment

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