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Table of Contents Volume 61 Number 2, March/April 2008



On the Cover: Bust of Nefertiti (Bildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz/Art Resource)

Blackbeard Surfaces
Raising the wreck of Queen Anne's Revenge, flagship of the notorious pirate
by Samir S. Patel

Nefertiti's Eyes
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Did the queen's distinctive feature become a symbol of Egyptian royalty?
by Earl L. Ertman

Under Harvard Yard
The storied university reconnects with its Native American past
by Jason Urbanus

New Hope for a Forgotten City
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The renaissance of a Greco-Roman metropolis after a century of neglect
by Mark Rose

Rebuilding a Chinese Treasure Ship
In its 15th-century navy, a modern nation discovers a model for its global ambitions
by Mara Hvistendahl

Shovel Bums
Inside the world of contract archaeology
photographs by Lauren Lancaster

Ghosts of the Taíno
Mystery and controversy haunt a pre-Columbian ceremonial site in Puerto Rico
by Mike Toner


From the President
Science and Poetry
The AIA honors James Wiseman
by C. Brian Rose

In This Issue
Flawed Diamond
by Peter A. Young

New henge hypotheses and dressed for success in Kazakhstan

From the Trenches
Peruvian fire temple, Gauguin's suffering, archaeology's greatest moments, the most expensive statue ever, a virtual dig, bone detectives, Mali's blood artifacts, fake terracotta warriors, a Roman throne, the first bioweapon, and Cambodia's warrior women

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With human evolution happening faster than ever, John Hawks talks about what natural selection is doing to the human race

Experts converge to discuss the history of the world according to Jared Diamond

Letter from South Africa
Did modern culture begin with the color red and a Stone Age clambake?

A potsherd shows how the ancient sport of bull leaping spread around the Mediterranean

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