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from the trenches
From the Trenches Volume 61 Number 3, May/June 2008

News and Notes from the World of Archaeology


Indy Spirit Awards
Our shortlist of scholar-adventurers who embody the spirit of Indiana Jones.

Surprise Finds on Wolf Mountain
How long have pilgrims worshiped at the sanctuary of Zeus?


   Science, Evolution, and Creationism

   Radiance from the Rain Forest

   10,000 B.C.

News from Brazil
A termite infestation led to the discovery of a skeleton and an accidentally mummified body behind a wall in the Catholic Monastery of Light in São Paulo, Brazil. According to local reports, exterminators found two desiccated bodies--thought to be nuns of the Order of the Conceptionist Sisters--buried at different times between 1774 and 1822.

World Roundup
Recent discoveries around the globe

Invitation from Augustus

March 1968: Archaeologist Claudio Moccheggioni examines fragments of painted plaster in the recently discovered House of Augustus on the Palatine Hill in Rome. The house dates to about 30 B.C. and is thought to have been the emperor's home in the early years of his rule.

March 2008: For the first time in 40 years, visitors can enter the House of Augustus. Hundreds of thousands of fragments of painted plaster have been painstakingly restored to re-create extraordinary colored frescoes--some of the finest in the Roman world--decorating a dining room, reception hall, bedroom, and small study with theatrical and garden scenes.