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Table of Contents Volume 61 Number 1, January/February 2008



Top 10 Discoveries of 2007
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Archaeology staff and writers recap the year's biggest stories

Search for the Mycenaeans
Closing in on the people and towns of Homer's Greece
by Jarrett A. Lobell

Eternal Embrace
A rare double burial in Italy evokes romantic images and a line or two from Romeo and Juliet
by Jason Urbanus

Realm of the Cloud People
A trek through the remote outposts of a lost pre-Columbian civilization
by Victor Englebert

This Old Thing?
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Copper Age fashion comes to life
by Sandra L. Olsen

The Henge Builders
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New discoveries inspire archaeologists to re-envision the culture that created Stonehenge
by Mike Pitts


From the President
Kids and Archaeology
The AIA's online education initiative
by C. Brian Rose

In This Issue
Icons of the Past
by Peter A. Young

The ethics of conserving looted artifacts; loving Louisiana's mounds

From the Trenches
Golden goddesses and a Bronze Age arms race, a child fattened up for sacrifice, readers' favorite lost tombs, painted gods, red-headed Neanderthals, off Thailand's beaten path, Viking women, first seafood dinner, and Egypt's obelisk canal

Paul Buckland on what bugs can tell us about ancient Egyptians, Vikings, and the expansion of the Roman Empire

Radiocarbon dates fuel a debate over the origins of an ancient Japanese culture

Letter from New Mexico
Exploring human history in the rugged landscape of the Rio Grande Gorge

A handmade toothbrush reflects life in a Civil War prison camp

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