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Barranco de Guayadeque "Beyond the Beaches of Gran Canaria"
October 29, 1999

[image]This friendly local man invited me into his home. "It has become more and more difficult to live in the caves," he told me through my Spanish translator. He used to make his living by selling goat's milk, but the price is going down. He is able to remain in his cave home with the help of money sent to him by his children who live in the city.

Left: This man's cave house is one of many in the Barranco de Guayadeque.

   Many caves in Gran Canaria have been occupied since ancient times, but some things have changed. As you see here, caves now have electric lights where once fires would have burned, and modern furniture replaces the spaces that would have been carved from cave walls. This man's house occupies two rooms in a painted cave, with an entranceway and door built to the front.

Right: Local man shows off his cave home


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