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Indiana Jones May 20, 2008

Indiana Jones

Legend of the Crystal Skulls (Feature, May/June 2008)
The truth behind Indiana Jones's latest quest

Indy Spirit Awards (From the Trenches, May/June 2008)
Our shortlist of scholar-adventurers who embody the spirit of Indiana Jones.


The Man in the Fedora (Review, May 20, 2008)
Review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Vote for your favorite Indy movie!

World May End Soon (Review, May 20, 2008)
Truth is kept at bay in this program about the crystal skulls on the SciFi Channel.

A Partly Successful Quest (Review, May 20, 2008)
Good segments are compromised in this semi-documentary on the History Channel.

Bigfoot vs. Indiana Jones

Bigfoot vs. Indiana Jones
It's the battle of the century between our plastic Bigfoot action figure and the great Lego Indiana Jones!

Harrison Ford Elected to the AIA Board (AIA website, May 16, 2008)
After years of being identified on screen as the legendary archaeologist "Indiana Jones," actor Harrison Ford has won election to the AIA Board of Directors.


ARCHAEOLOGY v. Crystal Skull Explorer
Senior Editor Eric A. Powell talks about crystal skulls in this segment from the FOX News television show "Hannity's America."