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World May End Soon May 20, 2008
by Mark Rose

Truth is kept at bay in this program about the crystal skulls.

With "Mystery of the Crystal Skulls" the SciFi Channel embraces a lot of bizarre notions and few facts. Okay, it is the SciFi Channel--but why not do a sci-fi movie about the skulls? Why cast it as a documentary and then invoke all sorts of strangess that is not science fiction, but plain fantasy?


Here's a sample: "One of archaeology's most compelling mysteries is that of the 13 crystal skulls. The crystal skulls have been some of the most powerful mystical symbols in human history. Several "perfect" crystal skulls have been found in parts of Mexico and Central and South America. Together, they form a mystery as enigmatic as the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge."

Sorry, but the skulls are not a compelling archaeological mystery. They are fakes. (See "Legends of the Crystal Skulls.") They're not going to tell us anything about the Great Pyramids (or any other pyramids). Quotes from various skull enthusiasts aren't going to change that, no matter how much they want to believe it: "We have an artifact that seemingly can't be made by humans on this planet." Wrong. "The moment you carve the crystal into the skull, something happens." Yes, you have skull-shaped piece of quartz. "The crystal skulls are made from the same type of material that we now use in our microchips." So's your average Coke bottle.

But it's worse: the Moon and Mars are invoked as sources for the skulls or the aliens claimed as their creators. "The question of course in my mind is, Did the astronauts bring it home?"

And then the shoe drops... "But if we wish to comprehend their deepest mysteries, we must hurry. According to the prophecy, only by reuniting all or nearly all of the 13 crystal skulls can humankind unlock secrets that will allow us to avoid the apocalypse predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar--which comes to end on Dec. 21, 2012."

"With the clock ticking can we track down the remaining skulls before it's too late?"

I can only wish the SciFi crew all the best in their efforts.

Mark Rose is Online Editorial Director, Archaeological Institute of America.

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