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Books Reviewed, Listed by Author Volumes 44-58
This list includes all books reviewed in ARCHAEOLOGY from 1991 to 2005. Books are listed by author, and online reviews are linked where available. (See our bookstore for new books divided by subject area.)


Agnew, N., ed., Conservation of Ancient Sites on the Silk Road, 1997 50:6.60-62
Aldhouse-Green, Miranda, and Stephen Aldhouse-Green, The Quest for the Shaman, 2005 58:5.50
Amery, Heather, Mammoth Hunt, 1987 44:5.77
Anderson, Joan, From Map to Museum, 1988 44:5.77
Andrews, Peter, and Christopher Stringer, The Complete World of Human Evolution, 2005 58:4.59
Archibold, Rick, and Rosalie David, Conversations with Mummies, 2000 53:6.76-77
Atwood, Roger, Stealing History: Tomb Raiders, Smugglers, and the Looting of the Ancient World, 2004 57:6.56
Aveni, Anthony, Skywatchers: A Revised and Updated Version of Skywatchers of Ancient Mexico, 2001 54:6.57


Bagnall, Roger, and Dominic Rathbone, Egypt: From Alexander to the Early Christians, 2005 58:3.52
Bahr, Donald, et al., Short Swift Time of Gods on Earth, 1994 52:3.67-73
Ballard, Robert, The Lost Wreck of the Isis, 1990 44:5.78
Balter, Michael, The Goddess and the Bull, 2005 58:3.52
Barrow, R.J., Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 2001 57:1.58-59
Bawlf, Samuel, The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake 1577-1580, 2004 10/18/05
Baylor, Byrd, When Clay Sings, 1972 44:5.80
Bates, Brian, The Real Middle Earth, 2004 58:2.55
Beattie, Owen, Frozen in Time: The Fate of the Franklin Expedition, 2004 58:2.52-53
Beltrán, Antonio, ed., The Cave of Altamira, 1999 53:3.68-69
Ben-Yehuda, Nachman, Sacrificing Truth: Archaeology and the Myth of Masada, 2002 56:2.57
Benson, Elizabeth P., and Anita Gwynn Cook, eds., Ritual Sacrifice in Ancient Peru, 2001 54:6.56
Bernhardsson, Magnus, Reclaiming a Plundered Past, 2005 58:6.46-47
Biolsi, T., and L. Zimmerman, eds., Indians and Anthropologists: Vine Deloria, Jr., and the Critique of Anthropology, 1997 50:5.85-88
Bisel, Sara, et al., The Secrets of Vesuvius, 1990 44:5.78
Blum, Howard, The Gold of the Exodus, 1998 51:3.74-76
Boatwright, Mary Taliaferro, Hadrian and the City of Rome, 1987 44:2.58-59
Boaz, Noel, and Russell Ciochon, Dragon Bone Hill: An Ice Age Saga of Homo erectus, 2004 57:3.52
Bouldurian, A., and J.L. Cotter, Clovis Revisited: New Perspectives on Paleoindian Adaptations from Blackwater Draw, New Mexico, 1999 52:4.60-63
Bowden, Mark, Pitt Rivers: The Life and Archaeological Work of Lieutenant-General Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers, DCL, FRS, FSA, 1991 45:4.66-68
Bowe, Patrick, Gardens of the Roman World, 2004 57:6.52
Bradley, B., and G. Frison, The Fenn Cache: Clovis Weapons and Tools, 1999 52:4.60-63
Breem, Wallace, Eagle in the Snow, 2003 56:5.60
Bromer, Karl, North American Prints, 2004 57:6.53
Burl, Aubrey, and Neil Mortimer, Stukeley's Stonehenge: An Unpublished Manuscript, 1721-1724, 2005 58:5.49


Cantwell, Anne-Marie, and Diana diZerega Wall, Touring Gotham's Archaeological Past: 8 Self-Guided Walking Tours Through New York City, 2004 58:2.52
Carleton, Marie-Hélène, and Micah Garen, American Hostage, 2005 58:6.46-47
Carroll, Maureen, Earthly Paradises, 2003 57:4.58
Cassanelli, Roberto, et al., Houses and Monuments of Pompeii and Ruins of Ancient Rome, 2002 56:2.57
_____, Houses and Monuments of Pompeii and Ruins of Ancient Rome, 2002 56:2.57
Castleberry, May, ed., New World's Old World: Photographic Views of Ancient America, 2003 56:458-59
Chatters, James C., Ancient Encounters: Kennewick Man and the First Americans, 2001 54:5.65-67
Cantwell, Anne-Marie, and Diana diZerega Wall, Unearthing Gotham: The Archaeology of New York City, 2001 55:4.60
Chauvet, Jean-Marie, Eliette Brunel Deschamps, and Christian Hillaire, Dawn of Art: The Chauvet Cave, 1996 49:4.69-71
Chisholm, Jane, Living in Prehistoric Times, 1982 44:5.77
Chuvin, Pierre, Samarkand, Bukhara, Kiva, 2003 56:6.62
Ciochon, Russell, and Noel Boaz, Dragon Bone Hill: An Ice Age Saga of Homo erectus, 2004 57:3.52
Clark, John R., Roman Sex, 2003 56:4.55
Clayton, Peter, and Martin Price, eds., The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, 1995 53:1.74-77
Clottes, Jean, Chauvet Cave: The Art of Earliest Times, 2003 57:1.61
_____, World Rock Art, 2002 56:1.59
Clottes, Jean, and Jean Courtin, The Cave Beneath the Sea: Paleolithic Images of Cosquer, 1996 49:4.69,71-72
Clunn, Tony, The Quest for the Lost Roman Legions, 2005 58:6.48
Coe, Michael, Reading the Maya Glyphs, 2001 55:1.63
Collier, Mark, and Bill Manley, How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs, 2003 58:2.52
Collins, M., and M. Kay, Clovis Blade Technology: A Comparative Study of the Kevin Davis Cache, Texas, 1999 52:4.60-63
Connah, G., J. Mulvaney, and D. Hobbs, The Archaeology of Australia's History, 1994 51:2.81-85
Cook, Michael, A Brief History of the Human Race, 2003 57:1.58-59
Corio, David, Megaliths, 2003 57:1.56
Cork, Barbara, and Struan Reid, The Young Scientist Book of Archaeology, 1984 44:5.76
Cotter, J.L., and A. Bouldurian, Clovis Revisited: New Perspectives on Paleoindian Adaptations from Blackwater Draw, New Mexico, 1999 52:4.60-63
Cotter, John L., Daniel G. Roberts, and Michael Parrington, The Buried Past: Archaeological History of Philadelphia, 1992 46:6.85-86,88
Crossley, D., Post-Medieval Archaeology in Britian, 1994 51:2.81-85
Cruz, Joan, ed., Art of the First Cities: The Third Millennium B.C. from the Mediterranean to the Indus, 2003 56:5.58-59
Curtis, Garniss H., Roger Lewin, and Carl C. Swisher III, Java Man: How Two Geologists' Dramatic Discoveries Changed Our Understanding of the Evolutionary Path to Modern Humans, 2000 54:3.74-77


Davies, Philip, George Brooke, and Phillip Callaway, The Complete World of the Dead Sea Scrolls, 2002 56:1.62
Day, David Howard, A Treasure Hard to Attain: Images of Archaeology in Popular Film with a Filmography, 1997 51:2.90-91
de Hamel, Christopher, The Book. A History of the Bible, 2001 55:1.60-61
De Prorok, Byron, Dead Men Do Tell Tales, 2001 54:5.64
_____, Dead Men Do Tell Tales, 2001 54:5.64
_____, The Settlement of the Americas: A New Prehistory, 2000 53:5.72-75
Deetz, J., In Small Things Forgotten: An Archaeology of Early American Life, 1996 51:2.81-85
Dewar, Elaine, Bones: Discovering the First Americans, 2002 55:3.60
Diamond, Jared, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, 2004 58:4.52-53
Dillehay, Tom, Monte Verde: A Late Pleistocene Settlement in Chile, 1997 50:2.60-63
Dixon, E. James, Bones, Boats, and Bison, 1999 52:6.80-84
Dixon, Kelly, Boomtown Saloons, 2005 58:6.54-55
diZerega Wall, Diana, and Anne-Marie Cantwell, Touring Gotham's Archaeological Past: 8 Self-Guided Walking Tours Through New York City, 2004 58:2.52
Donnan, Christopher, Moche Portraits from Ancient Peru, 2004 57:2.58-59
Doole, Jennifer, and Colin Renfrew, eds., Trade in Illicit Antiquities: The Destruction of the World's Archaeological Heritage, 2001 54:6.56-57
Dothan, Trude, and Moshe Dothan, People of the Sea: The Search for the Philistines, 1992 46:3.68-69
Downey, Roger Riddle of the Bones: Politics, Science, Race, and the Story of Kennewick Man, 2000 53:3.69-71
Dyson, Stephen L., Eugenie Sellers Strong: Portrait of an Archaeologist, 2004 57:5.58


Ellis, Reuben, ed., Stories and Stone: Writing from the Ancestral Pueblo Homeland, 2004 57:5.52-53


Fagan, B.M., and C.E. Orser, Jr., Historical Archaeology, 1995 51:2.81-85
Fagan, Brian, Archaeologists: Explorers of the Human Past, 2003 56:3.58-59
_____, The Long Summer: How Climate Changed Civilization, 2004 57:3.54
Farnsworth, Paul, Island Lives: Historical Archaeologies of the Caribbean, 2001 55:1.62
Feder, Kenneth L., Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology, 1990 44:4.70-76
Ferguson, L., Uncommon Ground: Archaeology and Early African America, 1650-1800, 1992 51:2.81-85
Fildes, Alan, and Joann Fletcher,Alexander the Great: Son of the Gods, 2003 56:5.59
Finkelstein, Israel, and Neil Asher Silberman, David and Solomon: In Search of the Bible's Sacred Kings and the Roots of the Western Tradition, 2006 59:1.50
Fiorato, V., et al., eds., Blood Red Roses: The Archaeology of a Mass Grave from the Battle of Towton, A.D. 1461, 1999 54:4.68-70
Fletcher, Joann, The Search for Nefertiti: The True Story of an Amazing Discovery, 2004 9/17/04
Fletcher, Joann, and Alan Fildes, Alexander the Great: Son of the Gods, 2003 56:5.59
Foster, Benjamin, Karen Polinger, and Patty Gerstenblith Iraq Beyond the Headlines, 2005 58:6.46-47
Fox, Edward, Sacred Geography: A Tale of Murder and Archaeology in the Holy Land (Palestine Twilight: The Murder of Dr. Albert Glock and the Archaeology of the Holy Land), 2001 55:1.60
Frison, George C., Survival by Hunting: Prehistoric Predators and Animal Prey, 2004 57:6.55
Fritz, John M., and George Michell, eds., New Light on Hampi, 2001 55:2.56-57


Gabucci, Ada, ed., The Colosseum, 2001 55:4.60-61
Gallant, Roy, Ancient Indians: The First Americans, 1989 44:5.78-79
Garen, Micah, and Marie-Hélène Carleton, American Hostage, 2005 58:6.46-47
Geoffroy-Schneiter, Bérénice, Gandhara: The Memory of Afghanistan, 2001 55:1.62
Gerstenblith, Patty, Benjamin Foster, and Karen Polinger, Iraq Beyond the Headlines, 2005 58:6.46-47
Gerster, Georg, The Past From Above: Aerial Views of Great Archaeological Sites, 2005 58:4.50
Gibson, Jon, The Ancient Mounds of Poverty Point: Place of Rings, 2001 55:1.63
Gibson, Shimon, The Cave of John the Baptist: The Stunning Archaeological Discovery That Has Redefined Christian History, 2004 57:6.52
Glassman, Steve, On the Trail of the Maya Explorer: Tracing the Epic Journey of John Lloyd Stephens, 2003 57:1.56
Glob, P.V., The Bog People: Iron-Age Man Preserved, 2004 58:1.53
Grear, Kathleen O'Neal, and W. Michael Gear, People of the Raven, 2004 4/19/03 (excerpt, no review)
Green, Miranda Aldhouse, Dying for the Gods, 2001 55:4.62
Green, Miranda, ed., The Celtic World, 1995 49:3.67-70
Greenfield, Jeanette, The Return of Cultural Treasures, 1989 44:6.70-72,74
Griffin, Peni, 1,000 Years Lost, 2004 58:1.58
_____, A Dig in Time, 1991 44:5.77
Grube, N., E. Eggerbrecht, and M. Seidel, eds., Maya: Divine Kings of the Rain Forest, 2002 55:5.63
Guzzo, Maria Giulia Amadasi, and Eugenia Equini Schneider, Petra, 2002 56:2.57


Harris, Charles, and Louis Sadler, The Archaeologist Was a Spy, 2003 56:3.56
Harris, Robert, Pompeii, 2003 11/25/03
Hawass, Zahi, Hidden Treasures of Ancient Egypt, 2004 57:5.53
_____, The Curse of the Pharaohs: My Adventures with Mummies, 2004 57:5.53
_____, Valley of the Golden Mummies, 2000 53:6.76-77
Heyerdahl, Thor, Easter Island: The Mystery Solved, 1989 44:1.74,76,78-79
Hicks, Brian, and Schuyler Kropf, Raising the Hunley: The Remarkable History and Recovery of the Lost Confederate Submarine, 2002 55:4.58
Higham, Charles, The Civilization of Angkor, 2001 55:1.63
Hilpert, Bruce, and R. Gwinn Vivian, The Chaco Handbook: An Encyclopedic Guide, 2002 55:6.59
Holloway, R. Ross, The Archaeology of Ancient Sicily, 1991 46:2.66-68
Houlihan, Patrick, Wit and Humor in Ancient Egypt, 2001 54:6.56
Hudson, Charles, Conversations With the High Priest of Coosa, 2003 56:458-59
Hume, Noël, A Guide to Artifacts of Colonial America. I., 1991 51:2.81-85
_____, Historical Archaeology. I., 1975 51:2.81-85


Ikram, Salima, The Mummy in Ancient Egypt, 2000 53:6.76-77
Isler, Martin, Sticks, Stones, and Shadows: Building the Egyptian Pyramids, 2001 55:1.62
Israel Museum, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2005 58:6.47


Jackson, Robert B., At Empire's Edge: Exploring Rome's Egyptian Frontier, 2002 55:5.63
Jackson, Robert B., At Empire's Edge: Exploring Rome's Egyptian Frontier, 2002 55:5.63
James, T.G., Tutankhamun, 2000 53:6.76-77
James, Vanessa, The Genealogy of Greek Mythology, 2003 57:2.56-57
Jones, Martin, The Molecule Hunt: Archaeology and the Search for Ancient DNA, 2001 55:5.68
J. Paul Getty Museum, Antiquity & Photography. Early Views of Ancient Mediterranean Sites, 2005 59:1.53


Kalb, Jon, Adventures in the Bone Trade: The Race to Discover Human Ancestors in Ethiopia's Afar Depression, 2001 54:3.74-77
Kamrin, Janice, Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs: A Practical Guide, 2004 58:2.52
Karageorghis, Vassos, Ancient Art from Cyprus: The Cesnola Collection, 2000 53:4.60-63
_____, Early Cyprus, 2002 56:5.57
Keeley, Lawrence H., War Before Civilization, 1996 52:3.67-73
Kelemen, Pál, The Kelemen Journals: Incidents of Discovery of Art in the Americas 1932-69, 2005 58:3.56-57
Kelly, Joyce, An Archaeological Guide to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, 1993 47:1.74
Kiesling, Stephen, Walking the Plank: A True Adventure Among Pirates, 1995 48:1:79-81,84-85
Knipmeyer, James, Butch Cassidy Was Here: Historic Inscriptions of the Colorado Plateau, 2002 56:1.59
Koppel, Tom, Lost World: Rewriting Prehistory, 2003 56:3.58-59
Korres, Manolis, From Pentelicon to the Parthenon, 1995 49:5.80-82


Lambert, Phyllis, Fortifications and the Synagogue: The Fortress of Babylon and the Ben Ezra Synagogue, Cairo, 1995 48:5.75,78-79
Landau, Misia, Narratives of Human Evolution, 1991 45:1.77,80,82
Lanpo, Jia, and Huang Weiwen, The Story of Peking Man, 1990 44:3.58-60
Lapatin, Kenneth, Mysteries of the Snake Goddess: Art, Desire, and the Forging of History, 2002 55:4.60
Lattimore, Deborah Norse, Digging Into the Past, 1986 44:5.81
_____, The Flame of Peace, 1987 44:5.79
_____, The Dragon's Robe, 1990 44:5.79
_____, The Prince and the Golden Ax, 1988 44:5.79
_____, The Sailor Who Captured the Sea, 1991 44:5.79
_____, Why There is No Arguing in Heaven, 1989 44:5.79
LeBlanc, Steven A., Prehistoric Warfare in the American Southwest, 1999 52:3.67-73
______, Painted by a Distant Hand, 2005 58:4.50-51
Lekson, Stephen H., Chaco Meridian: Centers of Political Power in the Ancient Southwest, 1999 52:3.67-73
Lenihan, Daniel, Submerged: Adventures of America's Most Elite Underwater Archeology Team, 2002 55:5.64
Leone, M.P., and N.A. Silberman, eds., Invisible America: Unearthing Our Hidden History, 1996 51:2.81-85
Lewin, Ariel, The Archaeology of Ancient Judea and Palestine, 2005 5/23/05
Lewin, Roger, City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction, 1974 44:5.78
_____, The Origin of Modern Humans, 1994 47:6.88-89,93
Lewis-Williams, David, and David Pearce, Inside the Neolithic Mind, 2005 58:6.50-51
Lister, Florence C., and Robert H. Lister, Maiolica Olé: Spanish and Mexican Decorative Traditions, 2001 55:2.56-57
Lobser, Johannes H.N., Archaeology: The Comic, 2003 56:5.58
London, Jack, Before Adam, 2005 58:3.59


Macaulay, David, Pyramid, 1975 44:5.78
MacDonald, William L., and John A. Pinto, Hadrian's Villa and Its Legacy 1995 49:2.68-71,73
Magness, Jodi, The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, 2002 56:1.62
Mahfouz, Naguib, Voices from the Other World: Ancient Egyptian Tales, 2002 1/28/03
Mair, Victor, and J.P. Mallory, The Tarim Mummies, 2000 54:2.76-79,82-84
Malek, Jaromir, Egypt: 4000 Years of Art, 2003 56:3.60
Malotki, Ekkehart, Hopi Ruins Legends, 1993 52:3.67-73
Manley, Bill, and Mark Collier, How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs, 2003 58:2.52
Marangou, Anna G., The Consul Luigi Palma di Cesnola 1832-1904: Life and Deeds, 2000 53:4.60-63
Martin, Debra, and David Frayer, eds., Troubled Times: Violence and Warfare in the Past, 1997 52:3.67-73
Mayor, Adrienne, Greek Fire, Poison Arrows & Scorpion Bombs: Biological and Chemical Warfare in the Ancient World, 2003 56:6.59
_____, Fossil Legends of the First Americans, 2005 58:4.50
McGovern, Patrick E., Ancient Wine: The Search for the Origins of Viniculture, 2003 57:2.56-57
Meier, Robert J., Complete Idiot's Guide to Human Prehistory, 2003 56:6.62
Messenger, Phyllis Mauch, ed., The Ethics of Collecting Cultural Property: Whose Culture? Whose Property?, 1989 44:6.70-72,74
Millard, Anne, The First Civilizations: From 10,000 B.C. to 1500 B.C., 1977 44:5.77-78
Miller, Stephen, Ancient Greek Athletics, 2004 57:4.56
Milne, A.A., Winnie Ille Pu Semper Ludet, 1998 53:6.76-77
Milner, George, The Moundbuilders, 2004 57:3.53
Mithen, Steven, After the Ice: A Global Human History, 2004 58:1.54-55
_____, The Prehistory of the Mind: The Cognitive Origins of Art, Religion and Science, 1996 50:1.64-67
Moctezuma, Eduardo Matos, and Felipe Solís Olguín, Aztecs, 2003 56:5.58-59
Montgomery, John, How to Read Maya Hieroglyphs and Dictionary of Maya Hieroglyphs, 2002 56:1.59
Morell, Virginia, Ancestral Passions: The Leakey Family Quest for Humankind's Beginnings, 1995 49:1.85-87,90
Mortimer, Neil, and Aubrey Burl, Stukeley's Stonehenge: An Unpublished Manuscript, 1721-1724, 2005 58:5.49
Moscati, Stephen, Otto-Herman Frey, Venceslas Kruta, Barry Raftery, and Miklos Szabo, eds., The Celts, 1991 45:3.62-64


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Nichols, Peter, and Barbara Nichols, Archaeology: The Study of the Past, 1986 44:5.76


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Orser, C.E., Jr., and B.M. Fagan, Historical Archaeology, 1995 51:2.81-85


Papajani, Janet, Museums, 1983 44:5.79-80
Pearce, David, and David Lewis-Williams, Inside the Neolithic Mind, 2005 58:6.50-51
Perrottet, Tony, Route 66 A.D.: On the Trail of Ancient Roman Tourists, 2002 55:6.57
_____, The Naked Olympics: The True Story of the Olympic Games, 2004 57:4.56
Peters, Elizabeth, Guardian of the Horizon, 2004 57:3.60
_____, Serpent on the Crown, 2005 58:2.46-51
Phillips, Arthur, The Egyptologist , 2004 2/2/05
Pickering, Robert, I Can Be an Archaeologist, 1987 44:5.76
Pillsbury, Joanne, ed., Moche Art and Archaeology in Ancient Peru, 2001 55:4.61
Pitman, Walter, and William Ryan, Noah's Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries About the Event That Changed History, 1998 52:1.75-78
Pitt, Mike, Hengeworld, 2001 54:6.57
Polinger, Karen, Benjamin Foster, and Patty Gerstenblith, Iraq Beyond the Headlines, 2005 58:6.46-47
Polk, Milbry, and Angela M.H. Schuster, eds., The Looting of the Iraq Museum, Baghdad, 2005 58:6.46-47
Pringle, Heather, The Mummy Congress: Science, Obsession, and the Everlasting Dead, 2001 54:5.67-71
Pryor, Francis, Seahenge: New Discoveries in Prehistoric Britain, 2001 54:6.57


Radevsky, Anton, Architecture Pop-Up Book, 2004 58:1.54-55
Rainier, Chris, Keepers of the Spirit, 1993 51:4.73-75
Rathbone, Dominic, and Roger Bagnall, Egypt: From Alexander to the Early Christians, 2005 58:3.52
Reid, Donald Malcolm, Whose Pharaohs? Archaeology, Museums, and Egyptian Identity from Napoleon to World War I, 2002 55:2.54-55
Reinhard, Johan, The Ice Maiden: Inca Mummies, Mountain Gods, and Sacred Sites in the Andes, 2005 58:3.51
Renfrew, Colin, Figuring It Out, 2003 56:3.58-59
Renfrew, Colin, and Jennifer Doole, eds., Trade in Illicit Antiquities: The Destruction of the World's Archaeological Heritage, 2001 54:6.56-57
Renfrew, Colin, ed., America Past, America Present: Genes and Languages in the Americas and Beyond, 2000 53:5.72-75
Robinson, Andrew, Lost Languages: The Enigma of the World's Undeciphered Scripts, 2002 55:6.59
Roehrig, Catharine, Explorers and Artists in the Valley of the Kings, 2002 56:1.59


Sadler, Louis, and Charles Harris, The Archaeologist Was a Spy, 2003 56:3.56
Scarre, Christopher, ed., The Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World, 1999 53:1.74-77
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_____, Quomodo Invidiosulus Nomine Grinchus Christi Natalem Abrogaverit, 1998 53:6.76-77
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Shanower, Eric, Age of Bronze, Volume 1: A Thousand Ships, 2001 54:5.72-75
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_____, The Piltdown Papers, 1990 44:3.58-60
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Time-Life, Lost Civilizations, 1992-93 47:4.61-63
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Trimble, Steven, The Village of the Blue Stone, 1990 44:5.79
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Tropea, Judith, A Day in the Life of a Museum Curator, 1991 44:5.76-77
Turner, Christy G., II, and Jacqueline Turner, Man Corn, 1999 52:3.67-73
Turk, Jon, In the Wake of the Jomon, 2005 58:5.49


van der Sanden, Wijnand, Through Nature to Eternity: The Bog Bodies of Northwest Europe, 1996 50:4.62-67
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Wallach, Janet, Desert Queen, 2005 58:5.48
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Watson, Peter, Sotheby's: Inside Story, 1997 50:3.64-70
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