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Multimedia: Hoppin' Hittites, Hector! Volume 54 Number 5, September/October 2001
by John G. Younger

A comic book series revisits the Trojan War.

Western civilization's oldest and greatest story is the Trojan War, and through the millennia Homer's opus has provided the themes for plays, poems, operas, novels, and films. Eric Shanower's Age of Bronze is one of the latest retellings of this timeless tale, and it is a series of comic books that cover the war, from apple to horse, in an almost impeccable series that will eventually number about 50. Besides being beautifully drawn and intelligently, even intellectually, composed, this passionate series is archaeologically accurate--by those qualities its better than any film I've ever seen on Bronze Age Greece, and is destined, I think, to become a staple in many college courses.

John G. Younger is a professor of classical archaeology at Duke University, and has published several books and numerous articles on Bronze Age Greece. He also co-manages AegeaNet, the e-mail discussion list for preclassical Greece.

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