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Table of Contents Volume 59 Number 3, May/June 2006


City of the Dead
The vast Egyptian necropolis of Saqqara is now emerging from the shadow of Giza and the Valley of the Kings
by Andrew Lawler


Digging Deep
Revolutionary technology takes archaeologists to new depths
by Marianne Alfsen

Rescued Frescoes
An unexpected discovery of rare Roman art
by Marco Merola

Impossibly Old America?
New sites and controversial theories fuel the debate over the origins of America's first people
by Mike Toner

First Soldier of the Gene Wars
A pioneer of genetic archaeology maps the history of human migration
by Meredith F. Small


In This Issue
A Story is Born
by Peter A. Young

From the President
A Hidden Discipline full
Why archaeologists are hard to find
by Jane C. Waldbaum

Special Report
The Fantome Controversy full
To archaeologists' dismay, Nova Scotia has licensed a company to salvage what it believes to be a warship that was carrying plunder from the White House in 1814.

Curious George and the Looter in the Yellow Hat, Henry VIII's wedding chapel, and the first impacted wisdom teeth

Lover of Dirt full

Kathryn Gleason on the joys of digging ancient gardens

Greece gets a digital makeover, the excitement of humdrum artifacts, Michael Coe's life in ruins, hominid battles, a mummy mystery wraps up, and editors' picks

So You Want to be an Archaeologist?

Brian Fagan warns against the seductions and false romance of an archaeological career.

On the Cover: This stuccoed and painted wood figure depicts Mitri, a late 5th or early 6th Dynasty administrator. It was found in his tomb at Saqqara, Egypt, during excavations in the 1920s. (Photograph by Araldo de Luca)

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