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Table of Contents Volume 59 Number 4, July/August 2006

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In Katrina's Wake
How one archaeologist's role in the posthurricane recovery forced her to confront New Orleans' catastrophic history
Shannon Lee Dawdy


Pyramid Scheme
Has a Houston contractor discovered the world's oldest pyramid in Bosnia?
by Beth Kampschror

Solar Circle
A 7,000-year-old henge in eastern Germany may be the world's first observatory
by Ulrich Boser

Raiding the Tomb Raiders
How Italy cracked the network of looters, smugglers, and dealers supplying American museums
by Peter Watson and Cecilia Todeschini

Uncovering Ancient Thailand
Charles Higham's 40-year career has transformed our understanding of prehistoric Southeast Asia
by Tom Gidwitz


In This Issue
After Disaster
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Untold Stories full
Looted objects are robbed of meaning
by Jane C. Waldbaum

What's in a Native American name, surprise pyramid, King Tut's missing member, Homeric heroes, Lincoln's pencil, Maya tombs, and a Roman road in Paris

Redeeming Archaeology full

Dorothy Lippert on why repatriation is a good thing

Judas media blitz, when Iran was a superpower, bog body fantasyland, China's long rise, controversy in Panama, and editors' picks

Letter from Kurdistan
Back from the Brink

After decades of repression, Kurds are reclaiming their 8,000 years of history

On the Cover: A coffin awash in a New Orleans cemetery on September 11, 2005, two weeks after Hurricane Katrina struck the city. (Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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