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Ape to Man. History Channel, 2005 8/3/05
Deep Jungle. PBS, 2005 58:2.53
Digging for the Truth. History Channel, 2005 1/13/05; 59:1.51
Hot Rocks. The Science Channel, 2005 58:3.54
Rome. HBO, 2005 9/6/05
Science of the Bible. National Geographic Channel, 2005 58:5.53
The Search for Eternal Egypt. History Channel, 2005 5/23/05
In Search of Myths & Heroes. PBS, 2005 58:6.52
Search for the Ultimate Survivor. National Geographic Channel, 2005 3/17/05

500 Nations. Time Warner Video, 2004 (aired 1995) 58:1.58
Barbarians. History Channel, 2004 57:1.57-58
Buried Secrets of the Revolutionary War. History Channel, 2004 12/2/04
Colosseum. BBC Video, 2004 57:2.54-55
Mummy Autopsy. Discovery Channel, 2004 12/2/04
Mummy Detective: Crypt of the Medici. The Learning Channel, 2004 10/12/04
Mummy Detective: The Three Kings. The Learning Channel, 2004 12/21/04
The Passion of the Christ. NewMarket Films, 2004 57:2.62-66
Pompeii: The Last Day. BBC/Discovery Channel, 2004 58:1.55
Prehistoric America: A Journey Through the Ice Age and Beyond. BBC Video, 2004 57:1.57-58
Quest for Columbus: The Search for the Santa Maria. Discovery Channel, 2004 57:3.58
Rameses: Wrath of God or Man. Discovery Channel, 2004 12/2/04
In Search of the Trojan War. BBC Video, 2004 57:3.53
Save Our History: George Washington's Workshop. History Channel, 2004 2/11/04
Science of the Deep: The Corsairs of St. Malo. Science Channel, 2004 57:5.56
A Species Odyssey. Science Channel, 2004 57:6.54
Troy. Warner Bros., 2004 5/14/04
Two Men in a Trench. PBS, 2004 57:4.60
The Wreck of the Portland. Science Channel, 2004 57:2.61

Ancient Arsenal. Discovery Channel, 2003 56:4.56
Building the Great Pyramid. Discovery Channel, 2003 56:2.55
Indiana Jones trilogy (DVD release). Paramount Home Video, 2003 56:6.58
Infinite Secrets. PBS/NOVA, 2003 56:5.56
The Lost Treasures of Tibet. PBS/NOVA, 2003 56:1.61
In Search of Ancient Ireland. PBS Home Video, 2003 56:6.62
Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Paramount, 2003 7/24/03
Two Men in a Trench. PBS, 2003 56:1.58
Warrior Challenge. Thirteen/WNET (NY)/Channel 5 (UK), 2003 56:3.55
Walking with Cavemen. Discovery Channel/BBC Video, 2003 56:3.60

Great Fire of Rome. PBS, 2002 55:6.60
Lost Roman Treasure. PBS/NOVA, 2002 55:5.62-63
Pyramids, Mummies, and Tombs. The Learning Channel, 2002 55:4.60
The Real Scorpion King. The History Channel, 2002 55:3.54-55
Search for the First Human. PBS, 2002 55:3.58
Ultimate Guide: Iceman. Discovery Channel, 2002 55:2.54
What Killed the Mega Beasts. Discovery Channel, 2002 55:4.58-59

Conquistadors. PBS, 2001 54:3.78-79
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Paramount, 2001 6/14/01
Living with the Past. Maysoon Pachachi, director, First Run/Icarus Films, 2001 55:1.64-65
The Mummy Returns. Universal Pictures, 2001 54:4.72-73
Mystery of the Alaskan Mummies. Discovery Channel, 2001 54:6.55
The Mystery of the Persian Mummy. Produced by TV6 and BBC for the Discovery Channel, 2001 55:1.62
Secrets of the Pharaohs. PBS, 2001 2/13/01

The 1900 House. Produced by Wall to Wall Television for Channel 4 (UK) in association with Thirteen/WNET New York, 2000 53:3.72-73
Dawn of Man: Adventures in Human Evolution. Produced by Alexandra Middendorf, BBC for The Learning Channel (TLC), 2000 53:6.88-89
Gladiator. DreamWorks Pictures and Universal Pictures, 2000 53:4.70-71
Hitler's Lost Sub. Paula S. Apsell and Rushmore DeNooyer, producers, Nova for PBS, 2000 54:1.73-75
Lincoln's Secret Weapon. Jonathon Wickham and D.J. Roller, producers, Nova for PBS, 2000 54:1.73-75
Unwrapped: The Mysterious World of Mummies. Produced by Peter Spry-Leverton, Café Productions for The Learning Channel (TLC), 2000 53:6.86-87

Cleopatra's Palace: In Search of a Legend. Jane Armstrong, executive producer, Discovery Channel, 1999 52:3.79-82
Millennium: A Thousand Years of History. Produced by Jeremy Isaacs and Pat Mitchell, CNN Productions, Inc., 1999 53:1.80-82
Mysteries of Egypt. Produced by Scott Swofford and Lisa Truitt, National Geographic/Time Warner Entertainment, 1999 53:1.82
Opening the Lost Tombs: Live From Egypt. Peter Isaksen, executive producer, Fox Network, 1999 52:3.79-82
Searching for the Great Hopewell Road. Produced and directed by Thomas M. Law for American Public Television, 1999 52:6.76-78
Submarine I-52: Search for WWII Gold. Nicolas Noxon and Barry Nye, producers, National Geographic Special for NBC, 1999 54:1.73-75

Ice Mummies. Paula Apsell, executive producer NOVA, WGBH Science Unit, for PBS, 1998 52:4.68-70

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great. A Maya Vision Ltd. Production for Maryland Public Television and the BBC, 1997 51:3.60-63,81
NOVA: Secrets of Lost Empires. Produced for PBS by the WGBH Science Unit, 1997 50:5.89-93

Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient Egypt. Produced by the Arts & Entertainment Network in association with Greystone Communications, Inc., 1996 49:6.88-91

The African Burial Ground: An American Discovery. Produced and directed by David Kutz, 1995 48:6.87-88
The Domain of the Calusa. Produced by Main Sail Video Productions, 1995 50:4.75
The Hidden City of Petra. Produced by David M. Frank and Steven R. Talley, 1995 48:5.81
Time-Life's Lost Civilizations. Series producer Jason Williams, executive producer Joel Westbrook, 1995 49:1.91-93

The Birth of Europe. Produced by the BBC, 1994 47:5.79,82-83
Lost Kingdoms of the Maya. Produced and directed by Christine Webber for the National Geographic Society and WETA Television of Washington, D.C., 1994 47:6.87
Maya Conquerors of Caracol. Written and directed by Gary Twitchell, 1994 47:6:87
The Mystery of the Sphinx. Produced by Robert Watts, 1994 47:3.65-66
Natives of the Narrowland: The Unwritten History of the First Cape Codders. Produced by Nancy Barr and directed by Christopher Seufert, 1994 48:4.74
Resurrection of an Ancient Art: Mummification. Produced by Thomas H. Wood, 1994 49:6.88-91
Silent Witness: Protecting American Indian Archaeological Heritage. Produced and directed by Lee Luce Lysne, 1994 49:2.77

The Face of Tutankhamun. Produced by Derek Towers and David Wallace for BBC, 1993 48:1.86-90
Out of the Past: An Introduction to Archaeology. Produced by Jay Rayvid, Marc Pollock, Sam Low, Werner Bundshuh, Lance Wisniewski, Kate Raiz, and Sheila Bernard, 1993 46:5.82,84
The Solidi Coin Cache: Caesarea Maritima. Produced by AAI/Our Gang, 1993 48:4.74

Archaeology. Directed by Tom Naughton. Produced by Tom Naughton and Nicolas Valcour for Arkios Productions, 1992 46:4.67-68
The Ice Man. Written and produced by Katherine Everett for NOVA, 1992 46:3.66-67
Legacy: Origins of Civilization. Produced and directed by Peter Spry-Leverton in cooperation with The British Museum, 1992 47:4.64-66
This Old Pyramid. Produced and directed by Michael Barnes, 1992 47:1.77,80
Thieves of Time. Produced and directed by Dan Hopfer for KAET-TV, 1992 47:2.64-65

Archaeological Yucatan. Produced by Travelview International, 1991 45:4.69-70
Athena: The Goddess Awakens. Produced and directed by Madeline Bell, 1991 46:6.89-91
Egypt. Produced by Travelview International, 1991 45:5.69-70
From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers' Warning. Produced and directed by Alan Ereira for the BBC in conjunction with the Goldsmith Foundation, 1991 46:2.70-71
The History of Palestinian Archaeology. Produced by AAI/Our Gang, 1991 49:4.73-74
The Lascaux Cave: A Look at Our Prehistoric Past. Written and narrated by Leslie G. Freeman, 1991 45:4.69
The Sacred Way. Produced by Rebecca Dobbs and directed by Michael Houldey for Maya Vision and Channel 4, 1991 47:4:66
Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Produced and directed by Nancy Porter for NOVA, 1991 45:1.70-72
The Silk Road. Produced by Isao Tami for NHK and CCTV, 199146:1.70-71,73

American History? It's Beneath Your Feet. Produced and directed by Robert Starbird and Daniel Rainey, 1990 44:3.56-57
Assault on Time. Produced and directed by Jim Hyde, 1990 44:3.56
The Battle of Carthage: 229 B.C. Produced by Henri de Turenne and directed by Jacques Dupont, 1990 44:5.72-73
The Caves of Altamira. Produced by Alfredo B. de Ouiros for the Spanish Ministry of Fine Arts and Archives, 1990 45:3.59
The Curse of King Tut. Produced by Gottfried Kirchner, 1990 45:5.64-65
Daughters of the Anasazi. Produced and directed by John Anthony, 1990 44:3.57
The Dig. Produced by George Johnson and directed by David Curnick for the National Film Board of Canada, 1990 44:4.68
Heinrich Schliemann: The Rediscovery of Troy. Produced by NHK, 1990 44:4.68
The Legacy of the Incas. Produced by Gottfried Kirchner, 1990 45:5.65
Man on the Rim: The Peopling of the Pacific. Produced by Anthony Bickley and directed by Robert Raymond and Peter DeVries, 1990 44:6.64-65,68
On the Trail of the Jaguar. Produced by Gottfried Kirchner, 1990 45:5.66
Plunder! Produced and directed by Jim Gilmore for Frontline, 1990 45:5.66-67
Prehistoric Monuments of Europe. Produced by Gottfried Kirchner, 1990 47:5.83
The Prehistory of Spain. Produced by Alfredo B. de Ouiros and directed by Jose Briz for the Spanish Ministry of Fine Arts and Archives, 1990 45:3.59
The Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Produced by James R. Mitchell and directed by Richard Cassidy for the Beyond International Group, 1990 44:1.72-73
In Search of the Queen of Sheba. Produced and directed by Volkner Panzer, 1990 45:2.65
Valdivia: America's Oldest Civilization. Produced by Gottfried Kirchner, 1990 45:5.65
Yaros, Chunchos, and Other Andean Civilizations. Produced by Gottfried Kirchner, 1990 45:5.65

Legends of Easter Island. Produced by John Lynch and Bettina Lerner for the BBC. Adapted for NOVA by Bebe Nixon, 1989 44:2.54-55
Pompeii: Daily Life of the Ancient Romans. Produced by Luigi Constantini, 1989 44:5.71
Pyramid. Produced by Larry Klein and Mark Olshaker and directed by Larry Klein, 1989 44:5.71-72
Secrets of Easter Island. Produced by John Lynch and Bettina Lerner for the BBC. Adapted for NOVA by Bebe Nixon, 1989 44:2.54-55

Applied Geoarchaeology. Produced by the University of Texas at Arlington, directed by Chuck Pratt and Brooks Ellwood, 1988 46:2.71-72
The Etruscans. Produced by Luciano Lucignani, 1988 44:5.71

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Rome: Total War. Activision, 2005

Artifact. Outset Media, 2004 57:5.52
Old Century Games of the World. Front Porch Classics, 2004 57:3.56

Civilization III. Firaxis Games, 2002 56:2.60
Stages of Theatre: Greeks to Shakespeare. Films for the Humanities and Sciences of Princeton, 2003 56:5.54

Tomb Raider I, II, III, IV, V. Eidos Interactive, 1996-2001 6/14/01
Zeus: Master of Olympus. Sierra Studios/Impressions, 2001 54:2.86-87

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. Microsoft, Corp., 2000, 53:2.86-88
Nightfall. Altor Systems, 2000, 53:2.86-88
Olympia, 2,800 Years of Athletic Games: From Ancient Greece to the Modern Revival. Finatec Multimedia, 2000, 53:2.89
Pharaoh. Sierra/Impressions, 2000 53:2.86-88

Encarta Africana. Microsoft Corporation, 1999 52:5.73-76
Virtual Dig: A Simulated Archaeological Excavation of a Middle Palaeolithic Site in France. Mayfield Publishing Company, 1999 53:3.72-73

Age of Empires. Microsoft, Inc., 1997 52:1.79-81
Caesars III. Sierra Online, Inc., 1997 52:1.79-81
Excavating Occaneechi Town. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1997 51:6.85-89
Investigating Olduvai. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1997 51:6.85-89

Civilization II. Microprose Software, Inc., 1996 52:1.79-81
Origins of Mankind. Maris Multimedia, 1996 50:3.71-74
Perseus II: Interactive Sources and Studies on Ancient Greece. Yale University Press, 1996 50:6.87-90

500 Nations: Stories of the North American Indian Experience. Microsoft Corporation, 1995 49:3.61
History Through Art: Ancient Rome. Zane Publishing, Inc., 1995 49:3.63-64
History Through Art: Ancient Greece. Zane Publishing, Inc., 1995 49:3.63-64
Nile Passage to Egypt. Discovery Channel Multimedia, in conjunction with Human Code, 1995 49:3.65-66

Ancient Lands. Microsoft Corporation, 1994 49:3.61-62
Exploring Ancient Cities: Crete, Petra, Pompeii, Teotihuacan. Sumeria, Inc., and Scientific American, 1994 49:3.62-63
Multimedia World History. Bureau of Electronic Publishing, Inc., 1994 49:3.64-65


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"Web Links to the Past" 53:5.78-82

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"What's On Line?" 50:1.74-77,80-83
"What's On Line?, Part II" 50:2.71-74,76-77


Three Songs In Sumerian. Jukka Ammondt/Stop Records, 2001

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