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Multimedia: Megalithic Mania Volume 55 Number 2, March/April 2002
by Colleen P. Popson

For those who might have missed it, the Megalithic Portal website, at, is worth a visit. Surprisingly easy to navigate despite a seeming rush and jumble of information, it introduces guests to a myriad of stone circles, ogham stones, wedge tombs, passage tombs, and stone rows primarily from Western Europe. The site provides access to hundreds of photographs, histories, maps, news, events, theories, and all the books and products one could imagine related to large stone monuments. Highlights include a user-friendly clickable map of the stone circles and rows of the British Isles and alerts of megalithic and other sites under threat.

Registered users can post news and commentary, which provides a relaxed sense of an open community. While this also means that some items verge on druidic sensationalism, the majority are useful, fun, and accurate. The Megalithic Portal also is part of the Stone Circle webring, linking over 100 other sites exploring all things megalithic. The site's creator, Andy Burnham, has done a commendable job of maintaining it, keeping links up-to-date, and providing a balanced, if overflowing, store of information.

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