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After a more than a quarter-century, Tutankhamun returns to the U.S.


In late April, Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs opened in New York, its final venue in North America. The exhibition is timely given recent presentation of DNA evidence about his family connections as well as new clues concerning his physical health, which the researchers say show Tutankhamun suffered from malaria and multiple foot problems that likely incapacitated the young monarch. At the same time, however, new sculptural evidence, along with depictions of Tutankhamun on objects from his tomb (and on display in the exhibition), indicate a physically active ruler, hunting ostriches from his speeding chariot and leading his armies against Asiatics and Nubians. Despite the intensive study of Tutankhamun and the later 18th Dynasty, the scholarly debates show there are still more mysteries about him waiting to be unwrapped.


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