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Poetry "Shall I Compare Thee to a Backfill Pile?"
April 27, 2000

Part One of the Archaeologist
Osiris and Isis

Rose Baldwin

Archaeologists at Work
Jeevan Bhagwat

Ashkelon's Dead Babies
The Hanging Coffins of the Bo People
Peking Man

Mike Chasar

Lila Beldock Cohen

John W. Davis

The Creators
Patten Linn Drake

Matyas Dunajcsik

Comparative Anatomy
Domitian XV
The Munster Archaeological Zone

William J. Feeney

Four Fingers and a Thumb
Walter Fredericksen

Ode on the Willendorf Venus
Spencer P.M. Harrington

Elizabeth J. Himelfarb

The Past is Always Coming
Amy Holman

Of the Archaic
Chuck Ingerson

What Lies Within Us
The Thieves of Time

Michael Jones

An Epic of Egypt
Kelsey Low

Occasioned by George's Visit...
Ozzie K. Nogg

Archaeology is Not Poetry
Shall I Compare Thee to a Backfill Pile?
Maureen Perkins

When they find Atlantis
Kristin M. Romey

A Tale of the Phaistos Disc
Bradley D. Steinberg

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