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Tips for Travelers "Crossroads of Culture"
February 28, 2001

Mali is definitely one of the least explored travel treasures. Here one can experience a way of life as it has been lived for centuries. Mali has been able to maintain its traditional ways due to limited exposure from the outside. As a result, many of the amenities expected by visitors to the country simply do not exist. Be prepared.

There is only one way to describe Mali's climate--hot and very hot. There are two seasons; rainy and dry, the latter, the warmer of the two. And for the most part there is little shade, save for a baobab tree here and there. Take serious sunscreen and drink lots of water (bottled). Aside from a few local and World Health Organization clinics and a hospital in Bamako, there is little in terms of health care. Be sure to pack all medications you are likely to need.

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