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Who's Who "Petra's Great Temple"
Summer 2000

Martha S. Joukowsky
Revered Brown professor and excavation director; workmen and local Bedouin know her simply as "Doctora"
Artie Joukowsky
Trustee of the American Center for Oriental Research; Brown chancellor emeritus after a long career in international business; site photographer; local guide non pareil; Martha's husband
John Philip Hagen
Rhode Island School of Design-trained artist, teacher, and illustrator; shipped over to capture special finds and architecture. Catch him in Amistad, in which he plays the courtroom sketch artist.
Resumed undergrad in anthropology in her senior year at Brown; also busy with her own corporate relocation business and active in the Providence community
Undergrad in history at University of Rhode Island after a stint in the Air Force; Pat's son
Recent Brown grad off in August to the University of Arizona for a Ph.D. in anthropological archaeology
Assistant director, Brown grad bound for Berkeley to study the ancient Near East
Brown grad student in religious studies specializing in early Christianity
Brown anthropology grad; taking his interests in culture and technology to the company Archives and Museum Informatics this September
Brown grad student in religious studies specializing in ancient Judaean language, archaeology, and social practices of the Levant
Ph.D. candidate at Brown; zeroing in on the lamps of the Great Temple
Ph.D. candidate at Brown; focusing on the Great Temple's glass assemblage
Twinkly-eyed foreman, perpetually distinguished in pristine white keffiyeh and pressed khakis
Everybody's right hand; astute businessman, mover, and shaker; Dachlala's son
Pottery washer, zrir bint (little girl) of Dachlala, and big Cinderella fan
Abu Sha'ar
(Father of Sha'ar) Yoda-like man with a penchant for wild-patterned pants who guards the site, tends Martha's own camel, and makes the best cup of tea this side of the River Jordan

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