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Departments Volume 51 Number 1, January/February 1998

From the Publisher
We've Come a Long Way
ARCHAEOLOGY celebrates 50 years.
by Phyllis Pollak Katz
In This Issue
Our New Look
The magazine undergoes a redesign by new art director Daniel J. McClain.
by Peter A. Young
From the President
An American Pioneer
James Henry Breasted, the father of American Egyptology, sets a model for archaeologists today.
by Stephen L. Dyson
The Art of Gardening
Food grown at the sixth-century site of Cerén, a rural village on the southern periphery of the ancient Maya world, was at least as varied as that enjoyed by nobility at the great Maya center of Copán.
by James Wiseman.
Our Best, and Oldest, Friends
The long and often forgotten history of dogs (The Lost History of the Canine Race, Mary Elizabeth Thurston. 301 pages. Kansas City: Andrews and McMeel, 1996. $24.95. ISBN 0-8362-0548-0 (hardcover); New York: Avon Books, 1997. $14.00. ISBN 0-380-73049-9 (paperback); A History of Dogs in the Early Americas, Marion Schwartz. 233 pages. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1997. $27.50 ISBN 0-300-06964-2) Reviewed by Lynn M. Snyder. (Check out ARCHAEOLOGY's latest list of new books.)
At the Museums
Treasures of the Indus
Great Cities, Small Treasures: The Ancient World of the Indus Valley, an exhibiton at the Asia Society in New York, February 11-May 3, is reviewed by Angela M.H. Schuster. (Check out ARCHAEOLOGY's latest list of museum exhibitions.)
Citizens of the Past
A review of AncientSites, a web site where you can become a citizen of an ancient city. ( Reviewed by Donald H. Sanders.
The Tears of Time
Poems capturing the mood, beauty, joy, and sadness of the Precolumbian Maya.
by Margaret Blaker.

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