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Table of Contents Volume 50 Number 5, September/October 1997

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In This Issue

From the President


In Vino Veritas
By James Wiseman

NewsbriefsFULL TEXT!
Resurgent Resurgam, Neolithic Surgery, A New Species?, Neandertal DNA, New Import Agreements, Anasazi Cannibalism?, Sotheby's Chastened

Prince of the Great Kurgan
What happened to the Scythians after their defeat by Philip II? An unlooted tomb of a chieftain may hold the answers.
By Jan Chochorowski and Sergei Skoryi

Chieftain or Warrior Priestess?
New evidence suggests that an ancient Saka nomad buried in a suit of gold may have been a woman.
By Jeannine Davis-Kimball


The Search for Site QFULL TEXT!
For years scholars have been looking for the source of an array of unprovenienced Maya sculptures in collections here and abroad.
By Angela M.H. Schuster

Mission to La CoronaFULL TEXT!
A new Maya site may fail to qualify as Site Q.
By Ian Graham

Prince of the Great Kurgan


Maverick Mayanist


Cruising Lake Nasser


Letter from Ireland

A Run for Their LivesFULL TEXT!
An archaeologist and his colleagues narrowly
escape a mob of angry villagers.
By Angela M.H. Schuster

Plundering The Petén
Sites in Northern Guatemala have been systematically looted for decades. Now the government is fighting back.
By Richard D. Hansen

Maverick Mayanist
Ian Graham's crusade to record every Maya monument has earned him a place in the constellation of great Mesoamerican explorers.
By John Dorfman and Andrew L. Slayman


Cruising Lake Nasser
A Journey Into Nubian Antiquity
By Robert S. Bianchi

Letter From Ireland
Probing County Roscommon
By Charles E. Orser, Jr.

At the Museums
Looking Through Roman Glass
By David Whitehouse

Redlining Anthropology
By Joe Watkins

Feats Of Engineering
By Andrew Szegedy-Maszak

Re-Inventing Eli Whitney
By David R. Starbuck

Photos, from top: hearth in Scythian chieftain's burial tomb (Jan Chochorowski); Ian Graham (Richard Frank); map of Lake Nasser (Lynda D'Amico); excavation of tenant farmer's homesite in Ireland (Charles E. Orser, Jr.).

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