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Table of Contents Volume 61 Number 6, November/December 2008



(Cover Photo: Berthold Steinhilber)

The World's First Temple
Turkey's 12,000-year-old stone circles were the spiritual center of a nomadic people
by Sandra Scham

The Gladiator Diet
How to eat, exercise, and die a violent death
by Andrew Curry

City Beneath the Mounds
Mapping a prehistoric American metropolis
by Mike Toner

Egypt's Frontier Oasis
A visual journey
by Salima Ikram
Photographs by Ken Garrett

Witches of Cornwall  full text Full text!
Macabre evidence of age-old spells in an archaeologist's front yard
by Kate Ravilious

Fighting with Jaguars, Bleeding for Rain full text Full text plus videos!
Has a 3,000-year-old ritual survived in the highlands of central Mexico?
by Zach Zorich


From the President
Global Warming Peril
Frozen burials and coastal sites threatened
by C. Brian Rose

In This Issue
The Varieties of Ritual Experience
by Peter A. Young

Still fighting over the ownership of antiquity, making "rock" music of your own

From the Trenches
Finds on Mount Zion, how to dress like an iceman, cave art appreciation, a shy Venus, undiscovered Afghanistan, Shakespeare's shadow, New Mexico petroglyphs, a gold skull ring, terracotta warriors in California, giant marsupial sloths, a tattooed mummy, and the world's oldest milk

Conversation full text Full text!
Eric Poehler talks about traffic in ancient Pompeii and how it has changed his own driving habits

The seedy side of the Holy Land antiquities trade

Letter from Utah: Hawaiians of Skull Valley
Uncovering a 19th-century Polynesian Mormon village in the desert
by David Malakoff

A beheaded Chinese Buddhist saint

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