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Index of Newsbriefs Volume 57 Number 6, November/December 2004

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Medieval Houses of God, or Ancient Fortresses Investigations in Ethiopia are revealing that Africa's most important historical Christian site is much older than previously thought.
Martin Luther's Kitchen Archaeologists recently excavated the remains of Martin Luther's cellar kitchen.
Putting a New Face on Thrace The recent find of a magnificent 2,300-year-old solid-gold mask is helping to liberate the Thracians from a "barbarian" reputation.
Cairo Tomb Find Construction workers in a Cairo slum recently uncovered a 26th Dynasty tomb.
Viking Surprises Danish researchers at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde have spent four years replicating a 90-foot-long ocean-going warship.
Harrogate's Hidden Treasure An Egyptian vase dismissed as a fake and relegated to storage for 30 years is actually an important Predynastic artifact.
Roman Rest Stop A third-century Roman rest stop was discovered during construction of a bus station in Germany.
Early Walkers A new study of a fossil thigh bone shows that walking upright may have already been old hat six million years ago.

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