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Table of Contents Volume 57 Number 2, March/April 2004

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Banking on Stone Money
For the Yapese of Micronesia, a disk of sculpted limestone could buy just about anything
by Scott M. Fitzpatrick

Kingdom of the Sands
How a Saharan slave-trading people made the desert bloom
by David Keys

Caring for the Dead
A curator of animal mummies finds a doorway into ancient Egyptian life
by Mark Rose


A Warrior's Tomb
A routine excavation in a southern Italian cemetery reveals the richly painted sarcophagus of a forgotten warrior
by Jarrett A. Lobell

Past, Present, Future
Perceptions of time through the ages
by Dan Falk

Secrets in the Cinders
How Native Americans in the Southwest survived--and even profited from--an eleventh-century volcanic eruption
by Tom Gidwitz


In This Issue
Hunter-Gatherer of News
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Gentleman and Scholar
by Jane C. Waldbaum

Special Report
Riding into the Afterlife

The U.K.'s best-preserved Iron Age chariot burial


Fighting Fire in the Trenches

U.S. Forest Service archaeologist Daniel McCarthy on how to fight forest fires and safeguard archaeological sites at the same time


Letter From Jerusalem
Hollywood Holy Land
Mel Gibson says his movie presents the facts of Jesus' life, but does archaeology in the holy city back him up?
by Sandra Scham

On the Cover: Tomb 50 in Egypt's Valley of the Kings contained the mummified bodies of a monkey (cover) and dog, possibly royal pets. Both are now displayed in a new exhibit of animal mummies in Cairo's Egyptian Museum. (©Anna-Marie Kellen)

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