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Table of Contents Volume 56 Number 6, November/December 2003

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Saving a Fabled Sanctuary
Conservators struggle to restore Justinian's Great Church in Istanbul
by Sengül Aydlngün and Mark Rose


Ruins on the Rapids
A white-knuckle, down-river ride to save Peru's past
by Justin Jennings

In the Shadow of the Wall
Walking the Great Wall of China, a British explorer encounters the descendants of those who built--and destroyed--the most labor-intensive monument in human history
by William Lindesay

Picture Perfect
How an ingenious former fashion photographer managed to capture on film the mind and spirit of the ancient Maya
by Tom Gidwitz

City of the Hawk
From ancient breweries to the earliest mummies, excavations at Hierakonpolis are rewriting the origins of Egyptian civilization
by Renée Friedman

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In This Issue
Assignment: Washington
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Opportunity Knocks
by Jane C. Waldbaum


Yearning for Yemen full
Juris Zarins on the promise of Arabian archaeology and the impact terrorism and war have had on research in the region


Letter From England: Assault on Tradition
Gritty Liverpool leads an industrial revolution in world heritage
by David Keys

On the Cover: A detail from a twelfth-century mosaic in Istanbul's Hagia Sophia showing the Virgin Mary and Jesus. Restoration of mosaics in Hagia Sophia's dome is nearing completion, but others, including this one, that were uncovered in the mid-twentieth century are also in need of attention. (© Haldun Aydlngün)

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