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Table of Contents Volume 55 Number 2, March/April 2002

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In This Issue
Battle for Hearts and Minds
by Peter A. Young

From the President
Annual Kudos
by Nancy C. Wilkie


Special Report
Plundering Afghanistan (by Massoud Ansari); Combating a Taliban Mentality in Pakistan (interview with J. Mark Kenoyer)

Letter from China:
Enigma in Stone

A monument in northeastern China fuels a modern debate over ancient history.
by Daniel C. Kane

On the Cover: Tutankhamun's middle coffin was certainly made for someone else, possibly his older brother Smenkhkare. Photo by Araldo De Luca.



Grim Rites of the Moche
Excavations at a pyramid site in northern Peru yield evidence of gruesome ritual sacrifice.
by Colleen P. Popson

Uncommon Light
Inspired by a solar eclipse, infrared images of Angkor evoke a dreamy, surreal landscape.
by John McDermott

Saving Old Havana
The search for lost history behind colorful, crumbling facades
by Susan Kepecs

In the Wake of Ancient Mariners
Retracing the route of ancient Ecuadorian seafarers
by John F. Haslett and Cameron M. Smith

Cover Story

Who's in Tomb 55?
In a mystery worthy of Agatha Christie, scholars seek clues to the identity of a mummy that could clarify the royal succession at the end of Egypt's 18th Dynasty.
by Mark Rose

Anatomy of a Mummy
A close study of the mystery skeleton's bones indicates he was male and in his early twenties.
by Joyce M. Filer


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