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This list is no longer maintained but remains online as a resource for our readers. Some links may be broken. Archaeology
Archaeology news, chat rooms, and links to other sites

The AIA's Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin, a guide to over 300 excavations, field schools, and special programs

American Journal of Archaeology
The academic journal of the Archaeological Institute of America

The AJA launched a new student section on its website. This area is a starting point for research, a place to learn about a career in archaeology or about submitting your first academic article, and a collection of helpful, trusted links to archaeological material. Start exploring at

Ancient World Web
A listing of selected web sites related to the ancient world, by Julia Hayden of the University of Virginia

AnthroNotes Digital Repository
The entire collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's Department of Anthropology publication AnthroNotes (1979-2012) and 263 individual AnthroNotes articles can be downloaded in three formats (PDF, mobi, ePub) from the Smithsonian Libraries digital database. The database is searchable by author, title, year and subject. Searches may be conducted in over 40 topics, including geographic regions, contemporary issues, and education. AnthroNotes includes research-based articles by leading scholars in the field as well as classroom-tested activities.

Anthropology Resources on the Internet
Links to websites on subjects including archaeology, linguistics, cultural anthropology, and physical anthropology

A quarterly, international, peer-reviewed publication covering the world of archaeology and heritage

Archaeological Institute of America
ARCHAEOLOGY's parent organization

Archaeological news, resources, and forums
A directory of archaeology-related sites on the Web

The Archaeology Channel
Homepage of the Archaeological Legacy Institute on which you can watch short films and listen to forms of audio media relating to archaeology.

Archaeology Info
An archaeology and human evolution resource with information about human origins and evolution

The WWW virtual library of archaeology, from Arizona State University

Association for Environmental Archaeology (AEA)
The study of human interaction with the environment in the past through archaeology and related disciplines

The Bradshaw Foundation
A non-profit organization working to document and preserve prehistoric rock art around the world

Careers in Archaeology FAQ
Everything you ever wanted to know about becoming an archaeologist, by David L. Carlson of Texas A&M University

Caveman Challenge
Test your Neanderthal knowledge at this site that corresponds with a series of BBC television specials.

Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall?
An interactive website from the Annenberg/CPB Project Exhibits Collection that explores reasons for the decline and fall of past civilizations

The Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education
A nonprofit organization, IHARE is dedicated to expanding the knowledge and appreciation of human cultures from ancient times to the present through an array of student, teacher, and public programs and activities.

Internet Archaeology
An online-only peer-reviewed electronic archaeology journal

Journal of Field Archaeology
Contents, author index, and abstracts since 1986, from Boston University

Institute for Ancient Equestrian Studies
Studies on the history and prehistory of the horse

The Leakey Foundation
Photos, diaries, lectures, and interviews from the foundation's archives

Odyssey Online
This website, built for sixth graders to learn about archaeology in 1996, was one of the first "online excavations."

The PAST Foundation
The PAST Foundation promotes a better understanding of history and culture by teaming professionals with the public to explore cultural sites locally and globally. Anthropologists and archaeologists are teamed with K-12 students to explore. After extensive supervised classroom training, students have the opportunity to go into the field to learn the techniques of modem archaeology and to discover firsthand what wonders lie beneath the soil and water of all nations.

The Smithsonian Institution Human Origins Program
The Smithsonian's guide to the study of human evolution, and use Quicktime to rotate specimens 360 degrees

Society for American Archaeology
Information on the SAA

Society for Historical Archaeology
Information on the SHA

Find out when and where archaeology jobs are happening around the world

World Atlas of Archaeology on the Web
Provides links to archaeological websites around the world