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This list is no longer maintained but remains online as a resource for our readers. Some links may be broken.

Amarna Royal Tombs Project
Directed by Nicholas Reeves, it is a project of The Valley of the Kings Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the exploration, documentation and preservation of this uniquely important world heritage site.

The home page of the American Research Center in Egypt

Archaeological Excavations in Egypt
Survey and excavation projects in the East Delta and South Sinai of Egypt

Archaeology of Nubia
Archaeology, history and culture of Nubia and northern Sudan.

Blombos Cave Project
Information on excavation of Blombos Cave, South Africa

Center for Computer-aided Egyptological Research
Development and application of information and communication technology in the field of Egyptology

Explore the archaeology of ancient Nubia on this media-rich site with interactive applications drawing you into various aspects of science and Nubian history.
The website of the president of the Andalusian Association of Egyptology (in Spanish with link to English translation).

Egyptology Resources
A directory of online resources about ancient Egypt, from Cambridge University

Eternal Egypt
Multimedia content on ancient Egyptian culture and civilization available in English, French, and Arabic (developed by IBM for the Egyptian government)

Guardian's Egypt
Covers a wide range of topics and resources on ancient Egypt

The table of contents and selected articles from current and recent issues of this journal of Egyptology

Oriental Institute
Home page of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

Supreme Council of Antiquities
The official Egyptian government website

Theban Mapping Project
Information, articles (on tomb robberies, exploration of the Valley of the Kings, funerary equipment, etc.), a timeline, and searchable text and image database

The Theban Royal Mummy Project
An online catalogue of mummies from the Theban Necropolis

The Virtual Mummy
Unwrap a mummy with the click of your mouse. Interactive Quicktime movies allow you to look inside a mummy's head. - from the University of Hamburg

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