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Asia and the Pacific

This list is no longer maintained but remains online as a resource for our readers. Some links may be broken.

Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center
CHP is a private nongovernmental nonprofit organization in China dedicated to raising public awareness of the importance of protecting cultural heritage, mobilizing local communities to protect cultural heritage in their own areas, increasing the understanding of cultural heritage conservation among government officials, and promoting cultural diversity by assisting minorities to conserve and protect their cultures.

Center for East Asian Archaeology
Resources on the archaeology of Central Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia from the International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History at Boston University

Easter Island
A general review of Easter Island archaeology and the history of research about the island

Easter Island Statue Project
The scientists involved in this collaborative artifact inventory project to collect data on the prehistoric monolithic heads (moai) on Rapa Nui also hope to use this information to put other prehistoric Polynesian cultures into perspective.

Photographs, movies, and sounds of the ancient Indus Valley. Includes a 90-slide tour of sites by Jonathan Mark Kenoyer.

Japanese Archaeology
A nice overview of Japanese history, prehistory, and archaeology.

Origins of Angkor Archaeological Project
Research in the Huai Valley in northeast Thailand by the University of Otago Department of Anthropology and the Fine Arts Department of Thailand

Sarasvati Sindhu
Vedic/Indus Civilization, language and script

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