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The James Ossuary January 2003-March 2005

From the beginning, ARCHAEOLOGY sounded a cautionary note regarding the authenticity of the so-called James Ossuary. Now, five individuals have been indicted in Israel for forging biblical artifacts including the ossuary. Follow the unraveling of this alleged forgery ring as covered--blow-by-blow--in ARCHAEOLOGY.

Ossuary Tales
January/February 2003
On October 21, 2002, the discovery of an inscription on the side of a light brown, chalky limestone box was announced at a Washington press conference.

Gold Dust and James Bond
June 18, 2003
Israel Antiquities Authority declares the James Ossuary and Jehoash Inscription fake.

Caveat Viewer
April 17, 2003
Review of Discovery Channel's James: Brother of Jesus

Geologists: Ossuary Patina Faked
June 23, 2003
The Geological Survey of Israel today publicly clarified its position regarding the authenticity of the James Ossuary and the Jehoash Inscription.

James Ossuary Owner Under Arrest
July 22, 2003
The Associated Press reports that James Ossuary owner Oded Golan was arrested Monday on suspicion of forgery and dealing in fake antiquities.

Ossuary Dethroned
July 24, 2003
The once-celebrated James Ossuary was found Monday, July 21, in a filthy rooftop bathroom during a police raid on the owner's home.

Faking Biblical History
September/October 2003
How wishful thinking and technology fooled some scholars--and made fools out of others.

The Buzz: Trial of the Century
March/April 2005
Biblical antiquity dealers on trial in Israel

Conversations: Forgery Fallout
March/April 2005
Why the recent rash of biblical fakery is about so much more than money

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