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Voyage to Crete: Sissi
by Eti Bonn-Muller
July 31, 2009

In 2007, a team of Belgian archaeologists–led by Jan Driessen, general director, and Ilse Schoep, codirector–started digging on Kephali Hill near the village of Sissi, where they have found a Minoan settlement located two and a half miles east of Malia. The team, many members of which also previously dug at Malia, is hoping the excavations will shed light on how Minoan society was structured. The archaeologists believe the site was significant because it guarded the entrance to East Crete.


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Driessen (left, facing forward), oversees work atop the 20-meter-high hill, where the latest remains of the settlement (15th-13th century B.C.) are being unearthed. Florence Gaignerot and Quentin Letesson direct excavation of the Late Minoan III central building in this area, while Maud Devolder supervises work in zone 5, also Late Minoan III, against the south top of the summit.

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