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The Mummy Returns Poll July 2001

The sequel to 1999's summer action flick The Mummy hit the screens on May 4 and cleaned up the box offices over its first weekend. Starring Brendan Fraser as Rick, the brawny (yet sensitive) soldier of fortune and Arnold Vosloo as the reawakened, french-kissing (ick) evil mummy Imhotep, The Mummy Returns is a parade of flesh-eating beetles and dog-faced mercenaries, featuring a professional wrestler ("The Rock") who sold his soul to Anubis, as well as catfights between an Egyptologist who turns out to be the reincarnation of Nefertiri and a reincarnated pharonic mistress who actually turns out to be a Venezuelan model/actress.

The Mummy Returns is reviewed in our July/August 2001 issue.
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a campy, enjoyable jaunt to 3067 B.C.

a painful stumble into history's past

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