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Kress Foundation and WMF Announce Grants August 1, 2000
by Mark Rose

On July 27, the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and World Monuments Fund announced the first of five annual grant packages of $500,000 from the Kress Foundation European Preservation Program. Among the projects receiving support are the following:

  • Conservation of the Temple of Jupiter at Split, Croatia, which was part of the retirement palace built by the Roman emperor Diocletian in A.D. 300-305.

  • Conservation of the twelfth- and thirteenth-century frescoes in the Church of St. Nicholas of Kintsvisi in Timotesubani, Georgia

  • Planning for restoration of the portal of the twelfth-century Romanesque church at Neuilly-en-Donjon; the portal's tympanum is decorated with the adoration of the magi, last supper, and temptation of Adam and Eve.

  • Conservation of exterior fourteenth-century murals showing the madonna and child and other religious scenes on the Romano-Catholic Church at Ghelinta, Romaniav

  • Documentation of the Serbian Orthodox Church monasteries of Studenica and Gracanica; on these and other early monasteries and churches in the region see James Wiseman's Insight column "Legacy of Medieval Serbia."

  • Structural stabilization of the council house, or bouleuterion, at Aphrodisias, Turkey

  • Documentation and conservation of the Byzantine frescoes decorating the St. Nicholas Church in Myra, Turkey; the frescoes show scenes from the life of the fourth-century bishop Nicholas, the original Santa Claus, who was once entombed here.
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