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Hadrian's Arch Restored May 7, 1998
by Yannis Stavrakakis

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Hadrian's arch, a familiar landmark in downtown Athens, is getting a facelift. A team led by chemical engineer Nikos Beloyannis of the Greek Ministry of Culture's stone conservation center will clean and patch the surface of the monument over the next two years. The arch was constructed in A.D. 131 by the Roman emperor Hadrian as part of a wall separating the old and new cities of Athens. On the side of the arch facing the Acropolis is the inscription, "This is Athens the former city of Theseus," while the other side reads, "This is the city of Hadrian and not of Theseus." The 60-foot gate was made of marble from nearby Mt. Pentelikon and decorated in the Corinthian order. Beloyannis is now testing the best cleaning solutions and grout before proceeding.

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