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Native American Scholarships "Native Americans and Archaeologists"
February 26, 1999

The Society for American Archaeology's Native American Scholarship Fund, to which ARCHAEOLOGY magazine is a regular donor, offers the Arthur C. Parker Scholarship to Native peoples from the United States, U.S. Trust Territories, and Canada. The funds, up to $1,500, are to support training in archaeological methods for current students and personnel of tribal or other Native cultural preservation programs. Arthur C. Parker, the first president of the Society for American Archaeology, was of Seneca descent on his father's side. A second scholarship program, focused on graduate education, is as yet unfunded. A third, for Natives peoples of Latin America, is being considered. For more information about the Arthur C. Parker Scholarship, or about donating to the Native American Scholarship Fund, contact SAA, 900 Second Street NE, No. 12, Washington, DC 20002-3557, (202) 789-8200, e-mail, or 8200 Mountain Rd. NE, Suite 203, Albuquerque, NM 87110. (505) 262-2351


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