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Text of Oral History "Brooklyn's Eighteenth-Century Lott House"

Catherine Lott on a family legacy lost and found

I'm Catherine Lott. My father, born at the turn of the century, was the last child born in the family homestead in Flatlands, Brooklyn. He was saddened that there were no male heirs to carry on his branch of the family, for the Lotts were very aware of their place in Brooklyn history. The family never envisioned that the legacy of the Lotts would be rescued through archaeology. My own relief is indescribable. As a product of the sixties, I dismissed the relevance of this old family and thus lost opportunities for learning family history. By the time I developed the appropriate perspective almost all of the family was gone. To my joy and amazement the archaeologists are learning more about the family than I ever could have and recording and analyzing the information so that it will be responsibly preserved. I can't emphasize enough my relief and pleasure over these amazing developments.

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