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Separated at Birth? "The Great Archaeological Look-Alike Contest"
January 1, 2000

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Heinrich Schliemann:
Famed (and defamed) excavator of Mycenae and Troy rumored to have salted his trenches with artifacts

[image] [image]Colonel Mustard:
Famed (and defamed) Parker Brothers character, rumored to have done it in the conservatory with a lead pipe

(Parker Bros.)

Eiteljorg Crest:
fawned over by art historians with big vocabularies, it sports the hairdo of Nigerian debutants

(courtesy Harrison Eiteljorg/photo by Robert Wallace)
[image] [image]Queen Amidala:
fawned over by computer nerds with braces, she sports the hairdo of Naboo royalty

(Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Kleobis and Biton:
worshipers of Hera

(Mark Rose)
[image] [image]Yanni and Michael Bolton (pre-snip):
worshipers of hair

(Virgin Records; Columbia Records)

Ahmose I:
showed Nubia who's boss

(from G.E. Smith, The Royal Mummies, 1912)
[image] [image]Rudy Giuliani:
showed pushcart vendors, taxi drivers, homeless people, and artists who's boss

(courtesy the Mayor's Press Office)


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