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Sources on Puduhepa

Alexander, Robert L. The Sculptures and Sculptors of Yazilikaya. 1986. In-depth discussion of the rock-reliefs at Yazilikaya

Bryce, Trevor. Kingdom of the Hittites. 2005. A good overview of Hittite history

Bryce, Trevor. Letters of the Great Kings of the Ancient Near East. 2003. Transcripts of letters between Puduhepa, Hattusili, and Ramesses

de Roos, Johan. "Materials for a Biography: The Correspondence of Puduhepa with Egypt and Ugarit." In The Life and Times of Hattusili III and Tuthaliya IV. 2003. This essay tries to reconstruct Puduhepa's life from her diplomatic letters.

Guterbock, Hans G. "Observations on the Tarsus Seal of Puduhepa, Queen of Hatti." Journal of the American Oriental Society. 1997. Deciphering Puduhepa's seal

Hoffner, Harry A., and Gary M. Beckman. Letters from the Hittite Kingdom. 2009. Detailed transcription of letters from Puduhepa to Ramesses

Singer, Itamar. Hittite Prayers. 2002. This text details Puduhepa's prayers for Hattusili's health

Sources on Salome Alexandra

Berrin, Shani L. The Pesher Nahum Scroll from Qumran: An Exegetical Study of 4Q169. 2004. Berrin looks at Salome Alexandra's presence in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Efrón , Joshua. Studies on the Hasmonean Period. 1980. Efrón discusses internal politics in Salome Alexandra's reign.

Ilan, Tal. Silencing the Queen: the Literary Histories of Shelamzion and Other Jewish Women. 2006. Ilan examines Salome Alexandra in the context of the Talmud and other Jewish literary sources.

Merill, John. "One Salome Alexandra or Two?" Biblical Archaeology Review. 2008. Merill examines the possibility that both Aristobulus and Alexander Jannaeus married Salome Alexandra.

Schiffman, Lawrence H. Texts and Traditions. 1998. Schiffman provides extensive passages from Josephus relevant to Salome Alexandra and Alexander Jannaeus.

Schiffman, Lawrence H. Understanding Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism. 2003. A good overview of the Hasmonean dynasty

Sources on Mavia of Arabia

Bowersock, Glen. "Mavia, Queen of the Saracens." In Studies on the Eastern Roman Empire. 1994. Bowersock uses the ecclesiastical sources to construct an essay about Mavia's life.

Cameron, Averil. The Cambridge Ancient History: The Late Empire, A.D. 337-425. 1998. An excellent overview of Mavia's reign and the dearth of archaeological evidence about her

Jensen, Anne. God's Self-Confident Daughters: Early Christianity and the Liberation of Women. 1996. Jensen gives the church historians' accounts of Mavia in the context of early Christianity.

Lenski, Noel. Failure of Empire: Valens and the Roman State in the Fourth Century A.D. 2002. Lenski looks at Mavia's revolt as part of Valens's troubles on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire.

Shahid, Irfan. Byzantium and the Arabs in the Fourth Century. 1984. Shahid goes into depth about Mavia's origins, campaign against the Romans, and the ecclesiastical sources.

Sozomen. Ecclesiastical History. A translation of Sozomen's text online