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Cooking Ancient Recipes October 19, 2004
Photographs by Richard Bowditch

In our November/December issue, Julie Powell takes on the challenge of ancient cooking in "The Trouble With Blood." Here we give you this modern chef's adaptations of the Maya, Mongolian, and Mesopotamian recipes for the food she prepared.

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Mesopotamian Menu

Quail on Barley Flatbreads
Turnips Stewed in Blood
Barley Porridge

Mongolian Menu

Fish Cakes
Meat & Vegetable Broth
Eggplant Manta
Lamb Liquor


Maya Menu

Turkey Tamales
Tomato & Chile Salsa
Pumpkin Soup
Hot Chocolate
Tropical Fruit Compote

These recipes have not been independently tested by a professional test kitchen. Cook at your own risk!

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